Jordan: National Project Officer

Organization: UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
Country: Jordan
Closing date: 21 Aug 2017

I. Background
UNESCO has been implementing a three-year project focusing on the media sector in Jordan as a platform for democratic dialogue and a crucial instrument to transparency and accountability in a democratic society since 2017. The project aims to address these areas following an inclusive and highly participatory approach. Its primary objective is to strengthen an enabling regulatory and institutional environment and to build the capacity for an independent, quality based media sector serving the entire population. Primary beneficiaries will be those working in the media sector, however, secondary beneficiaries are constituted by the Jordanian society as a whole that relies on the media as a major source of information.
The project is based on a holistic, two-phase approach. Phase one focused on the following results: Media study, stakeholder driven review of implementation of the media strategy and detailing of action plan. Activities of phase one included a thorough analysis of the media landscape on the basis of UNESCO’s Media Development Indicators (MDI); focusing on the economic sustainability of the media structures; the professional and technical capacity of private and public media; media and journalist associations; regulatory mechanisms; existing media legislation and international standards), a comparative analysis of relevant structures and models from 28 EU Member States, a review of the implementation of the media strategy and a detailed action plan, the update of detailing of the action plan and procedures for the implementation of the strategy. The review and action plan of the media strategy took place through a comprehensive stakeholder process with the media sector and the relevant government representatives discussing the implementation of the media strategy and the results of the analysis.

The project is now in the Phase Two that in addressing the findings as well as recommendations of the above-mentioned study, will work in the following areas:

• Improvement of legal framework, closer in line with international standards
• Entry level journalism education
• Systematic quality training for media professionals
• Independent self-regulatory mechanism
• Media and information literacy (MIL)
• Diversity and pluralism in the media
• Strengthening community media

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How to apply:

To apply, please send your application letter, UNESCO CV (CV Form to be used), in English by email: Please label the subject line “Support to Media in Jordan – National Project Officer”.
Application files will have to reach UNESCO Amman Office before 21 August 2017 midnight (Amman, Jordan, time).
Due to the large number of applications received, only applicants short-listed for interview will be contacted.