Cameroon: UNICEF Cameroon Accountability and Governance strategy, facilitate elaboration of field office work processes

Organization: UN Children’s Fund
Country: Cameroon
Closing date: 13 Oct 2017




Finalisation of UNICEF Cameroon Accountability and Governance strategy, facilitate elaboration of field office work processes


UNICEF Cameroon is currently engaged in a process to decentralise program and operations management to its field offices. This change in management approach is expected to improve the delivery of results to children and women, allowing for greater risk management and increased program efficiency.

This process will extend the responsibilities of the field offices, increasing their involvement in decision-making, as well as providing them with greater management and oversight of their financial and human resources. Overall, it will increase the accountability of the field offices towards the achievement of UNICEF Cameroon’s overall country program objectives.

Beginning in February 2017, the UNICEF Country Office held a series of workshops and discussions at the field office and national level to identify the priority areas for decentralisation, as well as the competencies and responsibilities necessary for it to be put in place. This concerted approach represented an important step to validate responsibilities and accountabilities internally.

UNICEF is now looking to review and refine its work processes to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the national and field offices, through the development of an accountability system defining guidelines, roles and responsibilities as well as delegation of authority. This strategic document provides details on the new functions, roles and responsibilities of the field offices, both in terms of operations and programmes, as well as governance and control mechanisms. The definition of a clear framework should ultimately guarantee that the work between the two levels (national and subnational) is coordinated and mutually supportive in order to increase effectiveness and efficiency.


The purpose of this assignment is to utilise the already developed accountability framework to draft an accountability system strategy paper, and develop program notes/standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure that decentralisation is effective and in compliance with related UNICEF Global Rules and Regulations.**

Specific Objectives:

  1. Review existing work processes at the field and section level to ensure best practices
  2. Support the Field Operations section to revise and develop field office specific SOPs and workflows to implement the decentralization process
  3. Facilitate consistent and proper communication on decentralization and the related processes and procedures at the national and sub-national level

For the purpose of the assignment, the consultant will work under the guidance of UNICEF Chief of Field Operations.


1) Support the process of reviewing and finalizing the current accountability framework in line with the workshops and consultancy already conducted. The consultant will use the existing document to formalize a strategic document in Word format, in French and English.

2) Facilitate the Chief of Field Offices to develop field office-specific notes required to ensure clarity and accountability for programmes. The identified areas are as follows: Cash transfer management (HACT and DCT); End user monitoring; Planning, Budgeting, Monitoring & Evaluation, Donors report and proposals

3) Support the Chief of Field Operations to develop consistent and proper communication on the Accountability Framework and the related processes and procedures at the national and sub-national level.

The consultancy will cover 2 months and half.

Preparation and methodology and plan of action: 3 working days

Accountability Framework finalization: 7 working days

Review of work processes with sections and field offices: 32 working days

Field Presentations and finalization of documents: 10 working days

Develop capacity-building plan with Field Offices: 3 working days

Key Expected Results, Deliverables and Fees Payment


  1. Accountability framework strategy finalised and put into appropriate format
  2. Program work processes reviewed and workflows between field offices and sections defined
  3. Communication regarding the changes developed


• Agreed methodology and plan of action for the consultancy

• Accountability framework : revised PP version, Word Version in English and French

• One note for each identified programme area and related workflows

• Summary document


The consultant must have the following qualifications:

  1. Minimum university degree of Master’s or MBA, in program management or organizational strategy with at least 7 years of experience
  2. Ability to express clearly and concisely ideas and concepts in writing and orally
  3. Proven capabilities in researching, analyzing, evaluating and synthesizing information
  4. Knowledge of UNICEF Cameroon’s structure and processes would be an asset
  5. Knowledge of UNICEF best practices in decentralisation would be an asset
  6. Ability to be flexible and respond to changes to text/content as part of the review and feedback process;
  7. Fluency in English and French **


UNICEF will facilitate the consultant’s work by supporting the organization of inception meetings, consultations, focus groups, and internal and external feedback meetings.

The consultant will be provided with a work space and computer. They will be expected to travel to Maroua and Bertoua for 5 days, extra days if needed.

SUPERVISION The consultant will work directly under the supervision of the Chief Field Operations who will ensure quality assurance of the consultation, while the CFOs will facilitate the operational work for the consultant. Furthermore, they will be expected to work closely with the Chief of Operations and the Deputy Representative.



Requesters should submit comprehensive and clear criteria for how they will evaluate the candidates**.** You can use the structure below as a guideline but need to indicate any critical skills or knowledge that you would need your consultant to have, under points to consider. **

When it comes to evaluating the candidates – the new evaluation form should be completed. Remember the Rep would like to review the proposed candidate before the selection goes to CRC (if required) or for contract issuance.

The below information will be shared during advertising and therefore should be carefully considered and updated.



For Consultants

· Educational Background /5

· Qualifications and skills /10

· Range and depth of relevant experience especially with similar projects /5

· Competitive advantage over other candidates / 10

· Language: Fluency in French/English /5

Overall Response **

· Completeness of response /8

· Overall concord between TOR/needs and proposal / 10

Proposed Methodology and Approach

· Methodology and approach used – compatibility with UNICEF / 10

· Project management, monitoring and quality assurance process / 7



30 – Financial offer 100


Please submit a financial offer along with your proposal, which contains the following information:

  1. Fee for services to be provided – based on the deliverables in the Terms of Reference
  2. Wherever possible, indicate the itemized cost of the travel (air tickets etc.) if an international consultation, and subsistence costs for your stay in the country **

How to apply:

UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become a part of our organization. To apply, click on the following link