Country Director Kyrgyzstan / Uzbekistan – Bishkek

By adrien

Description du poste (profil):
1. Positioning and Fund Raising1.1. Context analysis: Ensure ACTED has an up-to-date understanding of the country’s socio-economic situation, (donor) trends, needs and gaps, and who does what and where (3W)1.2. Strategy development and roll out: Take a lead role in developing and reviewing programme strategies and identifying strategic opportunities for expanding ACTED’s work in the country, and in particulara) Identify new opportunities and new sectors of intervention;b) Consolidate and stabilizate programming;c) Review the geographic and thematic footprint;d) Ensure activities are relevant and meeting country/beneficiary needs;e) Identify ACTED added-value;f) Ensure humanitarian principals are adhered to;g) Identify new donors, private sector partners, national and international NGOs, think tanks, academia, etc. to work with based on complementarity and added value;h) Formalize a country strategy in alignment with global/regional strategy.1.3. Networking, positioning and general representation:a) Establish, maintain and improve active relationships with donorsb) Establish, maintain and improve active and regular working relationships with other NGOs, UN agencies, clusters, working groups, Alliance2015, consortia and academiac) Establish, maintain, and improve active and regular working relationships with host government authorities and where necessary non-state actorsd) Ensure ACTED is represented in key clusters, working groups, HCT and (I)NGO coordination bodies1.4. Donor relationship and Proposal developmenta) Decide on and trigger the necessary assessment(s) to ensure proposals are relevantb) Oversee project proposal conceptualisation (problem statement, logframe) within the framework of the country, regional and global strategy and validate proposals before submission to HQ Grant Management Unitc) Oversee budget designd) Advise Project Development Department on specific donor approach/regulations;e) Negotiate proposal and/or contracts with donors1.5. Advocacy: (Co-)produce issue papers, advocacy notes, press releases on relevant humanitarian and development issues1.6. Communications: Oversee and ensure timely emission of external communication tools/pieces on pertinent programming, approaches, critical issues etc.1.7. Promotion of ACTED sisters organisations : Keep abreast with and contribute to ACTED’s global initiatives and global trends, in particular Impact (REACH, Agora), Convergences and Oxus, integrate them into the country strategy and make linkages with relevant focal points (HQ/regional/national as relevant)2. Management and Internal Coordination2.1. Staff Managementa) Ensure that Heads of Departments understand and are able to perform their roles and responsibilities related to country operations and links with HQb) Promote team building, productivity and staff welfarec) Mentor and support the team to build capacities, and improve efficiency and performance, and follow career management and links with HQd) Management of interpersonal conflicts (internal and external)2.2. Internal Coordinationa) Facilitate interdepartmental communication and information sharing for a positive working environmentb) Ensure implementation of ACTED coordination mechanisms (WAM, MCM, MMR, MAR, FLATS meeting, etc.)2.3. Conflict/Crisis Managementa) Ensure linkages between HQ crisis support (psychologist, HR) and staff in the fieldb) Establishment and training of country crisis teamc) Oversee the effective roll out of crisis related policies and processes3. Project Implementation Follow-up3.1. Project Implementation Trackinga) Ensure timely organization of project kick-off and close-out meetingsb) Provide ad-hoc support to project implementation through trouble shooting and eliminating blocking pointsc) Monitor output achievement, cash burn rates and ensure a time completion of projects through review of PMFs, BFUs and project reports3.2. Grant Management: Ensure that contractual obligations are met in terms of deliverables as well as narrative and financial reporting requirements3.3. Project Quality Control:a) Ensure the development and application of a practical field based M&E system/plan for each projectb) Conduct field visits to project sites for monitoring, quality control and program staff mentoring and coachingc) Lead on internal and external program/project evaluations as necessary and ensure the execution of baseline, periodic, and final evaluations as necessaryd) Ensure beneficiary feedback mechanisms are in placee) Ensure learning by the country program from relevant best practice internally and externally both nationally and globally and make learning available for other programs3.4. Partner Managementa) Ensure that every partnership is formed based on an assessment of complementarity and added value and is designed and managed so that the partnership furthers achievement of ACTED’s country, regional and global strategyb) Analyze potential partners using documented selection methods and ensure that all partners comply with ACTED and donor requirements and regulations4. FLATS Management4.1. Finance Managementa) Anticipate financial risks and gaps in fundingb) Mitigate risks/consequences of cash shortagesc) Control project budgets to avoid under/over spendingd) Ensure accurate and timely financial reporting,e) Ensure accurate budget forecasting and efficient cash flow managementf) Open where possible discussion on payment conditions with donors to ensure cash pooling at HQg) Ensure HQ cash advances are minimized and donor debt is closely followed uph) Ensure timely and accurate finance TITANIC reporting4.2. Logistics & IT Managementa) Ensure timely procurement and adherence to rules of origin and nationalityb) Ensure quality supply managementc) Ensure proper asset management, and define and enforce asset investment policy,d) Ensure proper stock managemente) Ensure proper IT systems, data back-up and protection from malwaref) Ensure sufficient and reliable means of communicationg) Ensure timely and accurate logistics TITANIC/IT reportings4.3. Administration and HR Managementa) Ensure transparent and timely recruitment of national staff and contribute to international staff recruitment upon HQ identificationb) Proactively adapt the staffing structure to needs and fundingc) Ensure a competitive national staff salary grid in line with available fundingd) Ensure regular performance appraisal and follow up career managemente) Ensure timely and accurate HR TITANIC reportingf) Ensure timely exit formsg) Ensure proper follow up of personal folders4.4. External Audit Follow-upa) Ensure recommendations from external audits are followed-up4.5. Oversee the preparation of external audits in close collaboration with the HQ Transparency/Compliance Managementa) Minimize risk of fraud and corruption by ensuring adherence to ACTED FLATS proceduresb) Manage fraud cases and link with HQc) Ensure that staff is aware of ACTED’s transparency and whistle blowing policyd) Ensure timely & accurate TITANIC reporting4.6. Security Managementa) Analyse the security context and define, analyse and evaluate risksb) Manage serious security incidents and crises and link with HQc) Engage with relevant key stakeholders to ensure access and support of interventionsd) Address security and safety risks by developing proper standard operating procedurese) Ensure the offices and houses conform to recommended security, health and safety standardsf) Ensure all staff adhere to security proceduresg) Ensure security incidents are promptly reportedh) Ensure timely and accurate security TITANIC reporting4.7. Legal and Registration Follow-upa) Ensure ACTED maintains a valid registration in country at all times where possibleb) Follow-up litigation cases and link with HQc) Ensure compliance with country rules and regulations

– Master Level education in a relevant field such as International Relations or Development- Extensive project management experience (management, planning, staff development and training skills) in emergency and/or development programmes- At least four years of previous work experience in a high management position- Proven capabilities in leadership and management required- Excellent skills in written and spoken English- Strong negotiation and interpersonal skills, and flexibility in cultural and organizational terms- Knowledge of local language and/or regional experience an asset- Ability to work well and punctually under pressure

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