Myanmar: Pool of Short-term Experts as Trainers and Advisors for FIIAPP in its implementation of an EU delegated development Programme in Myanmar.

Organization: The International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies
Country: Myanmar
Closing date: 31 Oct 2017


Title: Trainer and Advisor

Type of Contract: Consulting services

Duty Station: Multiple locations in Myanmar

Indicative Starting Date: January 2018

Duration of Assignment: Variable (Throughout the time necessary for the implementation of the project).


The International and Iberoamerican Foundation for Administration and Public Policies, FIIAPP, is a Spanish public international co-operation entity that provides advice to governments in third countries and regional institutions. The activities of the FIIAPP are financed mainly by the Spanish Government or via grants from international agencies.

The European Union, EU, is strongly committed to support Myanmar’s efforts towards openness and modernisation of its public sector and since 2011 has supported Myanmar authorities on its historic reform path which aims at establishing a full-fledged democracy and implanting a Rule of Law system.

Recently, the EU Delegation in Myanmar has delegated to FIIAPP the implementation of the “Support to the reform of the Myanmar Police Force” project (MYPOL), whose aim is to contribute to a more preventive, balanced and professional approach of law enforcement agencies, based on international best practices and respect for human rights.


The present project is built upon the achievements of the previous EU police project that ended in September 2015 and paved the way by introducing some key dimensions such as Community policing, legal accountability, Parliamentary oversight, and Crowd Management. Furthermore, the action is part of the EU development support to Myanmar in the area of Governance / Rule of Law, which is one of the four priority areas outlined in Council Conclusions (June 2016) as well as in the Multiannual Indicative Programme (2014-2020) for Myanmar/Burma.

The action aims at supporting these efforts in the most effective way possible by providing assistance to an overall reform to the MPF, so that it can increasingly take on the task of a public service agency.

The strategic objectives of the project are:

  1. Improving the overall institutional capacity of the MPF;

  2. Making the MPF a more service-oriented police service;

  3. Improving the political, legal and public accountability of the MPF;

  4. Developing an effective project management system.

In relation to the Crowd Management component, the projects aims to strengthen the capacities of the MPF to manage different types of crowds in accordance with international human rights standards, as part of the overall objective of a more service-orientated police (Result 2, Sub-Result 2.2, Description of Action).



Support FIIAPP and the Key Expert (KE) in charge of the Crowd management component of the project providing trainings in riot control and crowd management related issues to improve the performance of the Myanmar Police Force, in line with activities established in the Description of the Action and the overall goals of the project.


Increase and strengthen skills and knowledge through operational training activities on several subjects related with Crowd Management for MPF officers with capacity to train the officers under their command in their respective units. In general terms, training courses will cover following areas:

  • Safety and Security

  • Law, human rights and international standards

  • Crime Scene and Evidence Protection

  • Defence, arrest and restraint

  • Tactical Casualty Care


  • Crowd Management Small Units – United Nations Standards

  • Crowd Management PSU

Furthermore, the short-term Experts should provide support the Key Expert (KE) in Crowd management based in Myanmar in assessing the units and setting priorities for the activities. The Experts are expected to provide updates and improvements for current Standard Operational Procedures, and support in the development of new ones, in case needed and required by the Key Expert or the Crowd Management Working Group.

4.3. TASKS

The experts will:

o Support FIIAPP’s KE in Crowd management in the assessment process, visiting units and evaluating their capacities to perform their duties and work conditions.

o Provide inputs for the improvement of current SOP and the development of new procedures, systems and tactics.

o Participate as Trainer in training activities and workshops developed with a Train the Trainer methodology, and perform activities assigned by and under the direction of the KE.

o Provide inputs and suggestions to the KE to improve the quality of the activities within the areas of responsibility of the project.

o Participate in internal workshops and activities to update the KE and the CM Working Group on the implementation of the projects and all issues related.

o Report to the KE and provide complete reports of every activity performed for FIIAPP.

o Make recommendations for improvement in any area when a flaw or dysfunction is found out.

o Participate in workshops to update and train in the new procedures developed and the approved SOPs.


The profile of the experts for this contract are as follow:

Qualifications and skills (required):

· Former or current Law Enforcement Officer or Military member with up to 10 years of experience, or combined 10 years of experience in various areas related with the requirements

· Experience in Crowd Management and Riot Control units, Security operations, and public order management in Police/Military units

· Experience as qualified trainer in Martial Arts or another defence techniques

· Full working proficiency in English language

· Capacity to operate in isolated harsh environments

· Ability to work in multicultural contexts and teams

Specific professional experience (desirable):

· Experience as Trainer, Advisor or related jobs at international levels, for law enforcement, military forces and international agencies with the same duties and missions.

· Experience in assessment and development of Police technics and tactics for forces or agencies worldwide (work experience in Southeast Asia is an asset)

· Experience in assessment, training methodologies and training management

· Experience as trainer under UN standards for Crowd Management Units

· Experience as trainer for UN FPU, SWAT, SRT, etc.

· Experience in Military/Police Special Assistance operations

· Experience in TCCC or LEFR&TCC


o Making reports on the activities for FIIAPP under the supervision and approval by the KE in Crowd Management.

o Interacting and brainstorming sessions with the KE in Crowd Management, other Short-Term Experts and the CM Working Group.

o Analysis of SOP and regulations, advising for improvements and updates.

o Providing training on new extensions and additions to SOPs.

o Conducting research in the area of Crowd Management from a broad point of view and developing improvements to enhance security, trainings and SOPs.


FIIAPP F.S.P. informs interested candidates that CVs of selected Short-term Experts will be included in an Expert Database owned by FIIAPP F.S.P.

The Expert is entitled to exercise at any time its rights to Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition by sending a letter to FIIAPP, Calle Beatriz de Bobadilla 18 de Madrid 28040 (Spain).

How to apply:

FIIAPP and this development project strive to promote human rights and gender perspective, including a workface which reflects gender balance. Women candidates are strongly encouraged to apply and to be part of this expert pool.

Interested candidates who meet the above criteria are invited to send their CV to:

The call is open until 31st of October 2017.