United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: Theory of change expert and facilitator

Organization: ELRHA
Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Closing date: 16 Oct 2017

Elrha wishes to capture its new strategy in the form of a compelling Theory of Change (ToC). The aims are to utilise the expertise of the whole Elrha team so that –

  • The thinking, assumptions, and goals of the strategy are expressed in a concrete, logical, structure
  • We test whether our planned activities map cleanly onto the Theory of Change that emerges, and surface where we need to do more planning, or what we need to stop
  • Eventually, to use this as an externally facing document, in funding proposals, and as the starting-point for developing a whole-Elrha impact evaluation framework.

To help with this, Elrha is commissioning support to co-design a ToC workshop with members of the team, and to facilitate a whole day workshop to develop it.

The responsible Consultant(s) will be expected to:

  • Quickly get up-to-speed with Elrha’s new strategy
  • Lead on the planning and design of the workshop, with input from the Elrha team. This may include designing pre-work needed from the Elrha team
  • Facilitate the workshop itself (likely to be in Elrha’s Cardiff office, in January 2018).

How to apply:

Find out more and apply via or website