Child Protection Project Manager – Ninewa

By adrien

Description du poste (profil):
The Child Protection project manager is responsible for the quality of the design and delivery of the project’s capacity building programming and partnership building initiatives. S/he will work closely with civil society partners and governmental organization to strengthen capacity, increase community engagement with CSOs and national/local government and support CSOs in implementing initiatives.• Manage design and implementation of Protection capacity building activities targeted at increasing the capacity of local CSO’s to increase engagement with the public.• Lead the process to provide capacity building and technical assistance to CSOs partners in line with AfD project policy objectives;• Coordinate with CSOs and government organizations to deliver capacity-building trainings and workshops, particularly protection capacity• Strategize and implement methods of supporting CSO to implement their own initiatives• Lead the process1. Project Planninga) Develop overall project implementation strategy, systems, approaches, tools, and materialsb) Organize project kick-off and close-out meetingsc) Plan the various stages of project implementation and set direction by prioritizing and organizing activities and resources to achieve project objectives2. Project Implementation Follow-upa) Oversee and manage the implementation of the project ensuring that technical quality and standards are considered and respected during project(s) implementationb) Organize regular project coordination meetings with project teamc) Ensure budget utilization and physical target achievements are reviewed at least once a month as per work pland) Ensure project implementation is on time, target and budget, using effective M&E systems to reach desired impactse) Ensure that the project is implemented in accordance with relevant ACTED technical guidelines and standardsf) Anticipate and mitigate risks and trouble-shoot any unforeseen challenges during the project implementationg) Regular update the work plan, output tracker, PMF and other documents relevant for effective project management3. Administration and Operational Management of Project Implementation3.1. Financea) Review the BFU(s) and provide accurate forecasts with BOQsb) Forecast monthly cash requirements of the project and submit to AC3.2. Logisticsa) Contribute to the development of Procurement plansb) Send accurate and precise order forms in a timely mannerc) Contribute to quality checks and procurement committees to finalise suppliers’ selection according to applicable scenariod) Confirm quality of material selection if and when applicablee) Ensure a proper management and use of the project assets and stocksf) Plan team movements based on available fleet and applicable policies3.3. Administration/HRa) Participate in the recruitment of technical staff (development of organigrams, ToRs, elaborating the tests and reviewing them; interviews etc)b) Ensure that project staff understand and are able to perform their roles and responsibilitiesa) Follow-up the work plans and day-to-day activities of the project staffb) Manage the project staff in cooperation with Area Coordinatorsc) Ensure a positive working environment and good team dynamicsd) Undertake regular appraisals of staff and follow career managemente) Manage interpersonal conflictsc) Ensure capacity building among staff in relevant sectors3.4. Transparencya) Ensure project records and documents (Flat files, beneficiary list, donation certificates, attendance sheets etc) are adequately prepared, compiled and filed according to ACTED proceduresb) Ensure staff awareness of, and respect of, ACTED’s code of conduct and FLATS procedure3.5. Securitya) Ensure that each member of the project team is aware of security issues, policies, SOPs and they follow them accordinglyc) In cooperation with the relevant Security Officer, monitor the local security situation and inform the Country Director or Area Coordinator and Country or Area Security Officer of developments through regular written reports;d) Contribute to the updating of the security guidelines in the project area of intervention;4. External Relationsa) Support, facilitate or undertake communication and liaison activities to actively consult and involve beneficiaries, key informants, actors, partners and stakeholders in all stages of project design and implementationb) Cultivate good relations with key humanitarian actors – local and international, including government authorities and non-state actors, through regular attendance at technical meetings and bilateral meetingsc) Ensure that at all times contact with beneficiaries is conducted in a sensitive and respectful mannerd) Where relevant, liaise with donors and work closely with partners on project updates, site visits and other communicatione) Identify opportunities to collaborate and coordinate efforts with other organizations to ensure our activities build upon – rather than replicate – the work of others5. Quality Controla) Assess the activities undertaken and ensure efficient use of resources;b) Undertake regular field visits to provide technical guidance and supervision as well as regularly monitor the progress of project activitiesc) Ensure lessons learned are documented, shared and reflected in project planning and decision makingd) Advise on, and assist with, project reviews conducted by AMEUe) Ensure quality control, analysis of added-value and impact, identification and capitalization on best practices and lessons learnt and provide relevant feedback for new project developmentf) Identify and analyse gaps, ACTED’s added value, synergies and opportunities in the areas the project(s) is / are implemented and pass relevant information to the N+16. Reportinga) Provide regular and timely updates on progress and challenges to supervisors and other team membersb) Draft (internal) narrative reports and contribute to the development of financial reports through regular budgetary follow up.c) Contribute to drafting of (external) project progress reports, ensuring the quality and accuracy of technical information provided

At least 2-3 years of working experience in insecure environments; preferably in Africa, Asia, or the Middle East;Extensive experience in logistics and/or security management and procedures;Demonstrated communication and organizational skills;Ability to train, mobilize, and manage both international and national staffFlexibility and ability to multi-task under pressure;Ability to work well in unstable and frequently changing security environments;Willingness to work and live in often remote areas under basic conditions;Proven ability to work creatively and independently both in the field and in the office;Advanced proficiency in written and spoken EnglishKnowledge of local language and/or regional experience highly desirable

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