Country Finance Officer Amman Jordan

By adrien

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1. Budget preparation and contractual reviewa. Upon request of the CFM prepare budgets by gathering information from the relevant departments to consolidate budgets for project proposals according to project/mission needs and donor constraints; propose sufficient programme and support budgets including mission’s investment plans in close link with country coordination. Ensure the financial feasibility of projects, respecting ACTED and donors rules and deadlinesb. Whenever a new contract from a donor is received prepare a contract sheet clarifying all the financial rules applicable for the CFM validation (eligibility, flexibility, etc.), link it to the MIAOUH planc. Before ACTED signs an agreement with an Implementing Partner:2. Implementation and Follow-Up of Financial tools2.1 Monthly TITANIC consolidation and reviewa. Accounting Flows (by the 15th of each month and upon request) : support the PRATIC consolidation process and review1. Check that the cash and bank balances in SAGA match the cashbook and the physical cash in the safe/bank statement. In case of discrepancy, identify the reasons of the gap and correct it2. Check that the flows are well cross-referenced and lettered3. Check the level of open advances and loans and evaluate the financial risk for ACTED, if any4. Crosscheck the Inforeuro Exchange rates table with Saga5. Analyse the exchange rate gains or loss, conduct bank surveys upon CFM request to optimize the changes operations6. Make sure that the financial information in the exit forms whenever a staff is leaving the organization is matching the accounting data (SAGA) and that the advances are closed at least 5 days before the staff is leaving the organizationb. Cost Analysis (between the 10th and 15th of each month and upon request)1. Update the Running Costs follow-up tool and conduct market surveys upon request of the CFM2. Update the Allocation Tables ( monthly and upon new contract signature as well)3. Update the ACT follow-up tool and suggest potential reallocations to the CFM4. Upon request, present a cost analysis of the mission to CFM and CD to support the decision making processc. Allocations (between the 10th and 15th of each month and upon request)1. Follow up of ACTED’s resources allocation per project at country level2. Upon request, present a memo on the mission’s resources allocations to the CFMd. Budget Control and Funding Structure (between the 10th and 15th of each month and upon request)1. Update the monthly BFU, CFU, DFU and share them with the CFM for validation2. Provide an analysis of ACTED resources to be funded on new proposal3. Identify funding gaps and riskse. Staff salary payement preparation (between the 25th and 30th of each month)Ensure the consistency between financial data between the Staff Follow-Up table, the staff allocation tables and SAGA. Inform the CFM of any discrepancies2.2 Financial Reporting preparation and supporta. By the 5th of each month, control that the financial information from the bases is accurate, complete and submitted on time for monthly and yearly closuresb. Ensure the preparation of Financial Reports to donors, crosscheck allocation tables with the financial reports and update the allocation tables accordingly, if neededc. Plan, consolidate, draft & crosscheck with Project Develoment Departement (PDD) financial reports when required (ad’hoc, interim and final), respecting contractual deadlines and rules such as flexibility, eligibility and liquidation period, etc.;d. Follow-up payments from donors and financial project close-out (contract liquidation).e. Ensure the review and control of partners’ financial reports and documentationf. For each partner’s report received, check the physical documentation and its consistency with the partner’s ledger, check the expenses allocationsCheck that the partner’s expenses are correctly recorded in SAGA3. Participation to the Midyear and Annual Accounting Closures processa. Under the supervision of the CFM, support the preparation of the V1 Closure (PRATIC: Cleaning and lettering of advances, transfers, changes, checking of local instalments) to ensure that flows are closed in a timely manner;b. Under the supervision of the CFM, support the preparation of the V2 Closure (ATROCE: Final reports, SAGA allocations checking, reallocations, instalments from donors and cash tracking, ACT review) to ensure a smooth freezing of the accounts.4. Training and Capacity Buildinga. Ensure training of capital and base finance staff on ACTED FLAT Procedures and toolsb. Support the finance and administration teams in the mastering of financial documents, accounting software SAGA:• Contribute to the global efficiency enhancement of the teams• Perform trainings on financial management to local partners

Masters degree minimum in Finance or related area;1+ year of solid experience in financial management and monitoring systems, preferably of large developmentprograms, possibly complemented by academic expertise;Excellent financial and analytical skills;Excellent communication and drafting skills for effective reporting on programme financial performance;Ability to manage a financial/monitoring team and demonstrate leadership;Ability to monitor and evaluate financial and monitoring skills of communities through capacity-buildingefforts;Ability to operate in a cross-cultural environment requiring flexibility;Familiarity with the aid system, and understanding of donor and governmental requirements;Prior knowledge of the region an asset;Fluency in English required – ability to communicate in local languages an asset;Ability to operate Microsoft Word, Excel and Project Management software

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