Forester – Lease Manager in Fargo, Georgia, United States with Superior Pine Products Company

Job Description:

  • Manage all hunting leases for Superior Pine Products land base and maintain positive customer relations with lease holders.
  • Ensure maximum occupancy and high renewal rates of lease program

Other Duties may include:

  • Conduct timber inventories using a data recorder, process cruise data, and report information to GIS Analyst
  • Mark timber sale or stand line boundaries, SMZ’s in accordance to state BMP’s
  • Collect GPS data in the field as required
  • Develop Analytical Spreadsheets as instructed
  • Assist in supervision of timber harvesting, site preparation, fertilization, and herbicide applications
  • Develop and Maintain a close working relationship with business partners
  • Develop a knowledge of land and product values
  • Participate on wildfire containment team as needed
  • Promote a positive image of Superior Pine Products to the public
  • Perform other duties as assigned
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Forestry or equivalent experience
  • Good Verbal and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of standard computer applications such as Microsoft Office
  • Self-starter with a strong work ethic and integrity
  • Strong technical forestry skills

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