Afghanistan: International Consultant – Revision and update of Infant and Young Child Nutrition Strategy and Package for Afghanistan

Organization: UN Children’s Fund
Country: Afghanistan
Closing date: 30 Dec 2017

Purpose of Activity/Assignment:

Afghanistan IYCF strategy was developed in 2008 with the support of MSH, BASICS project. However, the recent nutrition paradigm shift in Afghanistan which has put more focus on stunting reduction and preventive intervention while addressing all forms of malnutrition may require revision of the IYCF strategy. There is also need to develop an operational guidelines/tools that support institutional capacities (national, provincial, district and community) to plan, manage, supervise and monitor IYCF interventions with the understanding that major bottleneck in Afghanistan is the social norms, cultural beliefs and practices that impede behavior change. There is also need for expansion and systematizing delivery of IYCF interventions both at the health facility and community level within the existing health system.

The MOPH-PND and partners envision that revised IYCN strategy and package (operational guideline, monitoring tools/formats, job aids, training materials and mentoring guide) will address the gaps identified in the previous strategy including provision and the current implementation progress and challenges of IYCF in Afghanistan.

UNICEF Afghanistan is therefore seeking an individual consultant to provide technical support to Ministry of Public Health-Public Nutrition directorate (MOPH-PND) in the review of IYCN strategy and package. The overall objective is to support review of the IYCN strategy and package (operational guideline, monitoring tools/formats, job aids, training materials and mentoring guide). The consultant will work with government and nutrition partners to refine and sharpen the focus on IYCF strategy and make adjustments considering all the delivery platforms – Health facility, community, mobile health and nutrition teams, including during emergencies (IDPs, formal/informal settlements and transit centers for returns. The revision of IYCN strategy/package will be a consultative and participatory process led by the MOPH-PND and supported by partners. MOPH-PND and IYCF technical working group will work closely with the consultant throughout the process. The specific objectives are

  • Assess the extent of systemic, managerial, organizational and integration of IYCF within the health system.
  • Review/update the current IYCN strategy to ensure consistency with global, regional guidelines and country context.
  • Develop IYCN operational guideline in line with programmatic findings from literature review, field visits and inputs from government and stakeholders.
  • Revise IYCN Monitoring tools/formats (reporting formats, tally sheets, registers, referral slips), job aids
  • Revise training materials and develop mentoring guide considering the new IYCN strategy and operational guideline.
  • Train master trainers to equip core staff with knowledge and skills to support roll out of the revised IYCN package
  • The assignment will include the following activities;

  • Document review
  • Review the current IYCF strategy and guidelines including in emergency context, CBNP and BPHS package, nutrition SOP, Community based health care(CBHC) manual, NNS 2013, AfDHS 2015, complementary feeding study report, Nutrition Promotion Strategy (2015-20), Timely Targeted Counselling Facilitators’ and Positive Deviance Master Trainer’s Manual by World Vision International, IMAM operational guideline, Nutritional counsellor training package. Current state of IYCF in BPHS/EPHS guideline including nutrition for Pregnant and lactating women.

  • Stakeholder consultations
  • The Consultants will conduct meetings with large number of officials from the Government of Afghanistan at the national, provincial, district and sub-district levels as well as nutrition partners from the Bilateral Agencies, INGOs and local NGOs. The purpose is to establish the needs related to nutrition programming in the country and main issues/challenges of IYCF practices as well as lessons learnt and factors that contributed/hinder the achievement of quality IYCF services within the larger context of nutrition and health strategic plan.

  • Field visit regarding implementation of IYCF in sampled Health facility and community level.
  • The consultant will conduct visit to sampled health facilities and health posts/communities to observe and assess services, identify challenges/bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement of IYCN.

  • IYCF technical working group consultations
  • The consultant will conduct periodic meetings with IYCF TWG throughout the process to discuss the overall approach, tools and methodology to be used at each step. The MOPH-PND as chair of IYCF TWG together with diverse nutrition partners will lead the process. The IYCF-TWG will need to reach on key features of the strategy and package i.e whether to include BFHI, E- IYCF, Growth monitoring, BMS Code, review all the drafts and participate in validation workshops.

  • Revise, validate and finalize IYCN strategy
  • Revise the IYCN strategy based on the programmatic findings – literature review, consultations and field visits. The strategy should be comprehensive and provide guidance in both development and humanitarian context in Afghanistan. The consultant will work with the MOPH-PND and IYCF TWG to conduct and facilitate a validation workshop with partners. Their feedback will be consolidated and taken into account before finalization of the IYCN strategy. The final document will also include the roll-out plan.

  • Revising IYCN technical and operational guideline, job aids and monitoring tools/format
  • IYCN operational guideline, monitoring tools/formats and job aids will be revised based on the agreed IYCN strategy. This will also include reporting formats, tally sheets, registers, referral slips and job aids needed for both health facility and community for effective service delivery. The consultant will work with the MOPH-PND and IYCF TWG to conduct and facilitate a validation workshop. The guideline and tools will be finalized based on the feedback from partners.

  • Revising IYCN training materials and develop on-job mentoring guide
  • To revise IYCN training materials and on-job mentoring guide considering the agreed strategy and operational guideline. The consultant will work with the MOPH-PND and IYCF TWG to conduct and facilitate a validation workshop. The materials will be finalized based on the feedback from partners.

  • Training of master trainers
  • Facilitate pre course meeting with the team to discuss co-facilitator necessities, schedules, activities and Logistics. Deliver and provide overall direction during the training including practical. This is to ensure participants have knowledge and skills to 1) facilitate pre and post training assessment, 2) deliver training content and practical, 3) conduct wrap up and daily post-training meetings, 4) mentoring and monitoring implementation at field level and 5) consolidate training report including pre-post training assessment outcomes.


  • Overall approach, process and tools finalized with clear timeframe – consultation with IYCF TWG and key partners including field visit in sampled Health facility and community service delivery points.

    Deliverable: Report on IYCF service delivery in Afghanistan, Inception report , Presentation of validated approach, process and tools

  • Timeframe: Jan – Feb

    Payment Schedule: 15%


  • IYCN strategy revised in line with findings from literature, inputs from government and partners, field visits including validation meeting/workshop
  • Deliverable: Revised IYCN strategy

    Timeframe: Feb – Apr

    Payment Schedule: 20%


  • Revision of IYCF operational guideline, monitoring tools and job aids based on finalized strategy.
  • Deliverable: IYCF operational guideline, job aids and monitoring tools

    Timeframe: Apr – Jun

    Payment Schedule: 20%


  • IYCF training materials and mentoring guide revised considering the agreed operational guideline, job aids and monitoring tools/format.
  • Deliverable: Revised IYCF training materials and mentoring guide

    Timeframe: Jun – Aug

    Payment Schedule: 20%


  • Facilitate training of master trainers to ensure a pool of competent staff with knowledge and skills to support roll out of the revised IYCN strategy and package
  • Deliverable: Training report

    Timeframe: Aug

    Payment Schedule: 10%


  • Final reports and document submission
  • Deliverable:

  • Final report;
  • IYCN strategy
  • Final package (operational guideline, monitoring tools/formats, job aids, training materials & mentoring guide)
  • Training report
  • Timeframe: Sep

    Payment Schedule: 15%

    Minimum Qualifications required:

  • Master’s degree in Nutrition or Public Health Nutrition preferred or other relevant field such as public health.
  • Have experience in nutrition developing nutrition policies and strategies as well as training material.
  • Minimum of 7 years of extensive experience in the field of infant and young child nutrition in the context of developing countries.
  • Previous experience with multi-sectoral multi-stakeholder program review and planning is preferred
  • Familiar with the current and emerging health and nutrition issues in the field of infant and young children
  • Excellent representation skills and coordination competency
  • Confident workshop facilitator and trainer
  • Ability to work independently and to meet deadlines
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively work with others and communicate in a multicultural environment
  • Excellent command of English, both written and oral.
  • Experience and familiarity of the south Asia region an asset
  • Have good skill of communication and coordination
  • How to apply:

    UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become a part of our organization. To apply, click on the following link

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