Senegal: Initiative for Capacity Strengthening of NARS Scientists in West and Central Africa (IRECCS in French) (Associate Scientists Programme)

Organization: West and Central African Council for Agricultural Research and Development
Country: Senegal
Closing date: 15 Jan 2018

1- The Initiative for Capacity Strengthening of Scientists from National Agricultural Research Systems (IRECCS)

CORAF/WECARD Executive Secretariat (ES) launched in 2013 the Initiative for Capacity Strengthening of Scientists from National Agricultural Research Systems (IRECCS).

Within the framework of the implementation of the Programme, six (6) junior scientists/specialists from NARS were selected in 2013 and 2014. They joined CORAF/WECARD through a support scheme provided to NARS in project management, monitoring and data collection, organization of regional meetings, etc. In return, CORAF/WECARD Executive Secretariat benefited from the expertise of talented young professionals with modern skills and who had an entrepreneurship and innovative spirit.

2- Objective of the 2018 Programme

Like previous years, the 2018 Programme aims at recruiting three (3) young professionals froms NARS, working in research and agricultural developments. They will support CORAF/WECARD Executive Secretariat in its mission of coordination, facilitation of regional research and management of knowledge flowing from agricultural research.

3- Expected outputs

  • The process for developing Strategic and Operational Plans is facilitated with substantial support;
  • Keys research areas covered by CORAF/WECARD priority programmes are adequately controlled;
  • Procedures for developing and managing regional projects are adequately controlled;
  • Administrative and financial operations of CORAF/WECARD and management of relationships with CORAF/WECARD partners are facilitated;
  • Operating mode, results and lessons learnt from management of regional projects coordinated by CORAF/WECARD are capitalized;
  • A model for capacity strengthening of NARS stakeholders within a sub-regional organization is developed;
  • A distance learning model focused on capacity strengthening of NARS stakeholders in management of regional research is developed.

How to apply:

Applications should include : (i) Curriculum vitae with certified copy of degrees ; (ii) a written authorization from the Director General of the Institution to which the candidate is affiliated, specifying that salary and other advantages of the candidate will be maintained during the stay at CORAF/WECARD; (iii) an expression of interest (maximum two pages) specifying the usefulness of the training to their Institution and; (iv) indicate their availability to assume duty one month after their notification by CORAF/WECARD in case they are selected.

Applications should be sent by e-mail at and addressed to CORAF/WECARD Executive Director, 7, Avenue Bourguiba, Dakar, Senegal latest by 15 January 17 :00 GMT.