Afghanistan: International Plant Pathologist

Organization: Government of Afghanistan
Country: Afghanistan
Closing date: 31 Jan 2018

Building on the Agriculture Master Plan, the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GoA), in collaboration with its development partners, has defined a number of appropriate priorities for agricultural investments and policies under the National Agricultural Development Framework (NADF). In order to increase farmers’ incomes and improve the food security situation, the GoA is giving foremost attention to strengthening of the agricultural production base. In this respect the government has asked the World Bank for assistance in strengthening agricultural input supply systems. Specifically, the GoA has requested the World Bank for assistance in the implementation of the Afghanistan Agriculture Inputs Project (AAIP) that will consist of the following four components: (i) Improve seed production and certification; (ii) Establish infrastructure and policies regarding quality control and safe use of fertilizers and agrochemicals; (iii) Improve input delivery systems; and (iv) Establish efficient project management, implementation and coordination mechanisms.

The development objective of AAIP project is strengthened institutional capacity for safety and reliability of agricultural inputs and sustainable production of certified wheat seed. The implementation phase of the project is expected to start around mid 2013.

Under its Seed Component, the project assists the Agricultural Research Institute of Afghanistan (ARIA) with their mandates of variety selection, maintenance breeding and production of Breeder’s Seed, the Improved Seed Enterprise (ISE) with their mandate to produce Foundation and Registered Seed, and the Afghan National Seed Organization (ANSOR) and its member Private Seed Enterprises (PSEs) with their mandate to produce and market Certified Seed. (NB Seed Certification is supported by another project, funded by the EU) Moreover the project will support the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) with the overall coordination of the seed sector.

Support provided by the project consists of hardware (equipment, constructions, etc.) and software (capacity building, organization, legislation, technical support, etc.). In order to coordinate the activities and provide the support mentioned, the project‘s Management Unit (PMU), apart from administrative and other technical units, contains a seed team consisting of a National Seed Program Coordinator and two National Seed Officers. It also provides short and long term national and international consultants and staff to the implementing partner organizations.

Job Summary:

· The international Plant Pathologist/Mycologist will assist the Project Director and Plant Protection Section of AAIP in supporting of the smooth implementation of the Nationwide Insect Pest and Plant Diseases Survey in Afghanistan and work closely with the diagnostic and validation committee for diagnosis of the plant disease samples collected during the survey.

Duration: 8 Months

Key Responsibilities of international Plant Pathologist:**

· Review the existing plan of conduction Nation-wide Insect pests’ and Diseases Survey and recommended improvement as needed.

· Regularly check the insect pest and plant diseases survey database and make correction in the diagnosed samples of plant diseases

· Work closely with the diagnostic committee in diagnosis of the plant diseases samples collected during the survey

· Preparation of training on Plant Diseases diagnostic members in the diagnostic committee

· Demonstrate the techniques and procedures for plant diseases surveys to the diagnostic committee

· Preparation of linkage with the Plant diseases diagnostics laboratory for necessary identification services’

· Monitor the conducting of the nation-wide insect pests and diseases surveys and brief the diagnostic committee in its Pests Risk Analysis

· Identification of the plant diseases collected during the survey, and classify their pathogen them as per IPPC classification

· Preparation of a report on the Quarantine Plant diseases for different crops of Afghanistan

· Instruct the technical staff in preservation of plant diseases samples collected during the survey

· Validate and classify into at least genus level with the use of plant diseases diagnosis materials

· Work closely with the diagnostic committee members in diagnosis of the plant diseases thorough symptom base and other

· Adopt the taxonomic keys, publications/CDs available from CABI Bioscience etc for identification of Plant Diseases Diagnosis

· Any other task assign by the Project Director

Required Knowledge, Skill and Abilities:

· Master in Plant Pathology, individual with (Ph.D) degree in the relevant field and specialization in diagnosis of the plant diseases.

· The candidate will have minimum of 10 years working experience in diagnosis of plant diseases. He/she will have the knowledge on techniques used for diagnosis of the plant diseases.


· Excellent solid knowledge in Plant Pathology (e.g. in command theoretical and practical) of all state of arts methodologies.

· Good knowledge in diagnosis of plant pathology

· Ability to analyze technical issues, develop and execute solution/mitigation options

· Able to analyze the data and summarize the conclusion.

· Ability to work independently

· Expert in the use of equipments require for standard Plant Pathology lab.

· Hands-on experience in laboratory safety and basic biological and chemical handling

· Good oral and written communication skills in English

· Good computer skills in MS office etc

· Willing to work in difficult and challenging circumstances

How to apply:

Send update CV and Cover letter to AAIP, Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, Jamal Mena, Kabul Afghanistan Or send us your CVs in soft to:

Do not attach recommendation and Education documents; these will be required only in interview stage.

*Note: No resume will be taken under consideration without cover letter, the position title, vacancy number in the subject line of the email.

*Only selected candidates will be called for interview. All applications will be checked and validated against the above mentioned requirements. Any un-matching C.V.will be automatically rejected.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) is an equal opportunity employer which encourages male and female candidates to apply for vacant positions.