Indonesia: National Partner in Indonesia for Consultancy Services in MNH

Organization: Human Development Research Centre
Country: Indonesia
Closing date: 23 Jan 2018

Human Development Research Centre (HDRC) is preparing a bid in the field of Maternal , Child and Neonatal health, in Indonesia titled, “Institutional consultancy to conduct formative research on newborn and young child care with a focus on possible serious bacterial infection and pneumonia”. The proposed study areas include two health centers in each of 7 districts in Indonesia namely Jayapura (Papua) and Tidore (North Maluku), Sorong (West Papua), Central Maluku (Maluku), TTS (NTT), Klaten (Central Java) and Gresik (East Java). The aim is to explore newborn and young child care seeking behaviors and quality of care issues, in order to inform the development of appropriate responses, including design for a social behavior change strategy and messages alongside optimizing quality improvement efforts. The three pronged objectives are: (i) to undertake a landscape assessment covering key aspects of newborn and young child care, under the Essential Newborn Care and IMNCI framework, and with a special emphasis on PSBI and pneumonia; (ii) analyse quality of care in health facilities delivered to sick newborns and young children, including assessing IMNC (emphasizing PSBI and pneumonia); and (iii) conduct formative research in in the selected districts namely Jayapura (Papua) and Tidore (North Maluku), Sorong (West Papua), Central Maluku (Maluku), TTS (NTT), Klaten (Central Java) and Gresik (East Java)
Information about HDRC is available at . In this connection HDRC is looking for a national research institution/academic organization/university/firms/NGOs having at least 5 years of research/consultancy experience in the field of reproductive health. Preference will be given to those who have higher experience and substantial exposoure in maternal, child and neonatal health.

How to apply:

Interested organizations are requested to contact Avijit Poddar, PhD, Director Research, HDRC at by 22 January 2018 with profile of the organization.