Iraq: Community Engagement (Liaison) Officer

Organization: International Organization for Migration
Country: Iraq
Closing date: 30 Jan 2018

The Officer will be working under the CRP, RRP and 3RP, all of which aim to strengthen resilience of individuals and communities, as well as, promote social cohesion among internally displaced Iraqis and host communities. Specifically, the Officer will be working on two main result areas:

  1. Provide guidance and support to programme teams across all field locations: through field visits, hands-on accompaniment and as needed trouble-shooting, the CLO will work with all teams to provide daily technical support on effective Community Engagement in Transition and Recovery programming;

  2. Ensure programming is conducted under the umbrella of Accountability toward Affected Populations (AAP), and AAP is mainstreamed across tools, process and programme documents: Regularly review the process and tools for the existing community engagement and liaison process that ensure AAP; refining the standard operating procedure and associated tools, ensuring strong linkages to existing processes within the methodologies of the different projects. Provide feedback and contribution to Project Officers in proposals and reporting to include appropriate CE and AAP within all phases of programming.

Specifically, the officer will:

· Support field teams to incorporate Community Engagement (CE) and Accountability toward Affected Populations (AAP) throughout their programming by

o Participating in weekly community visits

o Planning and facilitation of participatory planning workshops and assist in development of community action plans

o Facilitate spaces discussions meetings with teams for feedback modalities

o Feedback lessons learned and field experiences to Project Officers to better influence programme design

o Support teams in their daily CE and AAP activities

o Work with M&E to improve feedback mechanisms at community level

o Liaise with stakeholders with various responsibilities for implementation of the community action plan

o Create networks for information sharing with key actors (national and international) to compliment TRU programming in communities

o Support field teams to identify strategic partnerships for complimentary programming aimed to respond to community priorities

o Support follow up and monitor realization of community plan

· Regularly contribute to review and improvement of CE, CL and AAP tools for Unit.

· Development trainings and inductions on AAP and Community engagement (including how this fits into the TRU, practical examples for implementation etc)

· Under supervision of the Community Engagement Advisor and Community Planning Advisor, providing technical guidance to the community liaison team, and working with Project Officers and with support from senior national officers; entailing daily follow-up with the field teams.

· Liaison with the Protection Unit and gender focal points, as well as the livelihoods, business development services and community infrastructure teams to ensure input into the refinement and development of the community liaison process.

· Mapping and networking with other organizations and stakeholders to facilitate support to communities as identified and working with national teams to facilitate this coordination in each area and location

· Coordinate with the Community Assessments, Data & Research Officer to ensure that data collected from field locations is accurately represented in all assessments and reports and that reports are used to effectively respond to and work with communities

· Together with the Community Assessments, Data & Research Officer complete data analysis and report writing during peak times of data collection and reporting

· Coordinate the procurement/organization of necessary services, including training venue, training supplies, communication equipment, software, transportation, translation. etc. with the support of the national support team for any required activities


· Capacity building and field support plan on monthly basis

· Delivery of training tools for AAP and CE in the Transition Recovery Unit

· “Mapping” guide for field teams on how to coordinate and collaborate with others (for each field location)

· Regular reporting and contribution to proposal writing as needed/requested

· Regular contribution to Community Assessment and Research reports (specifically focusing on the Community Engagement steps)

· Feedback and follow up review reports in “new” communities (from year 1 of CE based programming)

Reporting & Team Structure

The role is part of a 2-person unit (1 Community Engagement and Liaison Officer (CELO) and 1 Community Assessments and Research Officer) that work together as the Community Engagement Team. This team works under the supervision of the Community Engagement and Community Planning Advisors. The officer will:

  1. Assist the CEA and CPA in capturing lessons learnt and the planning and implementation of program actives;

  2. Coordinate daily with the CELO to develop a workplan and support to field teams

Additional expectations:

  1. Regular travel to communities (2-3 times per week) is expected to provide hands on support to teams

  2. Perform such duties as may be assigned.

  3. Provide additional support to the other country programme locations as needed (gap filling/ additional training etc)

How to apply:

Interested candidates are invited to submit their applications via a link:
In order for an application to be considered valid, IOM only accepts online profiles duly completed. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.