Organization: Médecins Sans Frontières
Country: Italy
Closing date: 18 Jan 2018

Operational Context

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has started its activities in Italy in 1999 when realized that the same persons cured and assisted in countries at thousands of kilometers of distance were the same encountered in precarious conditions and needs once in Italy. The activities developed during these last years have aimed to give medical and psychological assistance to migrant people, even undocumented, present in Italy.
Currently MSF Italy Mission implements different projects:
• In Rome, a rehabilitation center for victims of torture (VOT);
• In Catania, MSF is opening a post-acute care center for migrants;
• In Trapani, psycho social support and transcultural psychotherapy for asylum seekers;
• In Italy, psychological first aid (PFA) for traumatic boat landings;

Purpose of the post

Planning, coordinating and monitoring all logistics related activities in the project or capital and providing support to medical assistance activities, according to MSF protocols and standards in order to ensure an optimal running of the project
Main objectives
• Assisting the Project Coordinator in the definition and follow-up of logistics activities and priorities in the project. In conjunction with medical project managers in order to identify and give a response to the needs of the targeted population
• Ensuring and monitoring the implementation of logistics/technical activities in the project including the following:
-Logistics: (construction, transport of goods and staff, communications, water and sanitation, fleet management, equipment maintenance and follow up, maintenance of infrastructures, communications, installation and maintenance of functional office space(s) and lodging facilities for international staff in adequate living conditions)
-WHS: implementation of water, health and sanitation activities
-Supply: implementation and maintenance of an appropriate supply chain for the project  Implementing all administrative related activities linked to logistics (orders, insurances, vehicle contracts, etc.). • Participating in the planning and implementation, together with the Logistics Coordinator, the Project Coordinator and the HR Coordinator, the HR associated processes (recruitment, training, briefing/debriefing, evaluation, detection of potential, development and communication) of the logistics staff in the project in order to ensure both the sizing and the amount of knowledge required to correctly perform all logistics activities.
• Ensuring technical reference for all logistics/technical issues in the project and providing coaching to logistics staff under his/her responsibility. Ensuring all staff in the Project is properly briefed about use of communication tools,
• Defining and monitoring technical aspects of the project risk reduction policy, transport, communication, protection, identification and preparation of the technical aspects of the project security policy and guidelines, evacuation plan and contingency plan, performing day-to day monitoring of the application of security rules and reporting to the Project Coordinator any problem that may arise. For this purpose, the Project Logistics Manager will have to create an appropriate environment to facilitate security exchange of information.
• Participating in monthly reports according to guidelines

Context Specific Accountabilities

• Insuring all the MSF standards are implemented and followed.

• Being responsible for the vehicles movements planning for beneficiaries and for the staff.

• Checking and ensuring the maintenance of MSF premises and facilities, as well as the general water supply, electrical system, walls, ceilings, etc. and security conditions. In this sense, making inspection visits to assess the rehabilitation needs of facilities.

• Performing maintenance of logistics equipment for energy, IT and communications.

• Checking the quality of the work carried out by sub-contracted utilities companies, responding to the needs of the center in terms of construction, transport, communication, food, water and sanitation, non-food items.

• Insuring appropriated deliveries, based on internal requests , tracking consumption of supplies, used in different facilities (office, house, etc.

• Carrying out local purchases and ensuring that the line manager is aware of any problems linked to the quality or availability of the items purchased.

• Prepare kit of essential non-food items for beneficiaries

• Being responsible of the implementation of all administrative related activities linked to logistics (orders, insurances, vehicle contracts, etc.).

• Overviewing all legal aspects and legal obligations connected with the good maintenance, periodical controls, and safety and security measures of the Center (Legionella, AC, Elevators, antifiring system, etc.).

• Coordinating, in close relation with the Medical Referent in the project and the Supply Coordinator, the supply chain processes and systems and non-medical material and related services under optimal conditions.

• Supervising the storage and providing the medical team support in order to ensure material availability and a rational use of the stocks. Insuring the project Guest House is well maintained, in good conditions and well functioning in terms of facilities, equipment, and structural maintenance.


  • 1 year fixed-term contract
  • Salary according to MSF-OCB Field salary scale.
  • Expected starting date: March 2018
  • Place of work: Catania
  • Project: Catania center

How to apply:

Application (CV and cover letter in english) to be sent to:

The position is only open to the italians residents.

Please note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted.