Ghana: International Consultant – (Video Production Service Provider)

Organization: UN Children’s Fund
Country: Ghana
Closing date: 07 Mar 2018


UNICEF Ghana External Communication is responsible for all communication needs including documenting through video documentaries and photo essays, events and activities of all sections. Other assets produced by the section include animation and Public service announcements (PSA) etc. The purpose is to share good practice with other country offices and use the products as visibility material, presentations, advocacy and general communication needs on a variety of platforms.

A skilled, creative professionalwho tells stories through videography is required to create a series ofmaterials includingadvocacy on a broad range of developmental issues particularly targeted at the well being of women and children. The professional should also have foremost knowledge and skills in developing animation and editing stories inunder one minute.

The videographer should also have the ability todevelop Public service announcements and all assets produced should fitmultiple channels. He or she has an advantage if previous work experience is in a development situation and can show proof of working in rural Ghana. The candidate who can also demonstrate professional audio capacity also stands a good chance.

Specific Tasks /Scope of work

  • Shoot high quality videos of advocacy, programme coverage, first person accounts or profiles amongst others.
  • Develop raw footage into specified formats such as social media platforms and TV broadcast
  • Shoot and deliver a wide variety of B roll, raw footage for use for other documentation purposes.
  • Translate productions as subtitles during process from local language to English when required


    NOTE: Although this contract will be awarded for 11.5 months duration, consultant will not be engaged on full time during the 11.5 months period. Consultant will be called upon to carry out specific tasks for short durations as the need arises for which payment will be made on the basis of daily professional fee stipulated in the contract.

  • Visual production assignments will be issued by UNICEF Ghana’s communication and programme sections, assignments will be accompanied by detailed briefs outlining the product required, including background materials for developing content.

    Expected Deliverables:

    The subjects or themes for each assignment will be set out by the section/office and agreed upon prior to actual commencement of work. It is expected that when the assignments are given there will be a work plan delivered. The expectations of the work plan will be as follows – detailed timelines for execution of various activities as well as outputs expected at every step. Outputs will be delivered in the following standards and formats identified below.

  • Raw rushes of footage
  • Two copies of footage in appropriate digital format to be specified
  • Cut to specification documentaries/picture stories, slides and other materials as would be requested out of the footage.
  • Shot lists, story lines and video log
  • Production for 2 outlets in mind
  • B roll for broadcasters and online and social media platforms requiring edited first person pieces
  • 2 min video profile of the production for online platforms and pitching

    Final version must have received signature of approval by the officer in charge of the particular contract.

    Please note that the process of review towards finalization shall not attract any cost as well as the format in which it is requested. E.g. DVD or CD


  • The timeline and frequency of the reporting required by the Consultant on progress to date will depend on the assignment. However, the Consultant will account to focal persons from the Communication and programmes section with an overall clearance from the Communications Manager.

    Expected background and Experience:

  • Professional videographer with minimum eight years’ experience filming and editing high-quality footage – One show reel demonstrating this ability required. (Max 5 mins)
  • Bachelors degree in related field of study required

    Exceptional Clause: Qualification less than a Bachelors will require a minimum of 10 years experience.

    Experience working as a videographer in other countries including Africa

  • Consultant with professional audio and video capacity – (equipment details required)
  • Demonstrate ability to edit to the barest minimum time (not above 2 mins) without losing the essentials of an assignment – One show reel demonstrating this ability required.
  • Previous experience of taking footage in development situations required, best if with UNICEF or similar organisation)
  • Experience working in rural Ghana, and knowledge of development landscape in the country or n similar context acceptable.
  • Fluent in English
  • Track record editing for social media platforms an advantage
  • Ability to disseminate video to media outlets independently when possible an advantage
  • Basic standard equipment required

    The equipment’s listed below are the basic requirements needed to be considered for an LTA with UNICEF. :

  • High definition camera(s)
  • Sound equipment – boom and accessories
  • Lights and related accessories
  • Editing suite
  • Professional microphones
  • Graphic design equipment

    General Conditions: Procedures and

  • The consultant will work from their own office.
  • The consultant should provide his/her own materials, i.e. computer, office supplies, etc.
  • Any assignment within the agreement will include paid DSA if overnight travel outside Accra is involved.
  • Note that final payment will be made only after completion of deliverables
  • Note: Consultants in practice are external and therefore do not have a direct right to access UNICEF resources.
  • When travelling with UNICEF staff to field projects consulting firm will be authorized to have access to UNICEF transport following UNICEF travel rules and regulations.
  • No contract may commence unless the contract is signed by both UNICEF and the consultant or Contractor.

    Copyright, Patents and other Proprietary Rights

    UNICEF shall be entitled to all intellectual property and other proprietary rights including but not limited to patents, copyrights and trademarks, with regard to documents and other materials which bear a direct relation to or are prepared or collected in consequence or in the course of the execution of this contract. At UNICEF’s request, the consultant shall take all necessary steps, execute all necessary documents and generally assist in securing such proprietary rights and transferring them to UNICEF in compliance with the requirements of the applicable law

    Confidential nature of documents

  • All maps, drawings, photographs, mosaics, plans, report’s recommendations, estimates, documents and all other data compiled by or received by the Contractor under this contract shall be the property of UNICEF shall be treated as confidential and shall be delivered only to the UNICEF authorized official on completion of work under this contract
  • The consultant may not communicate at any time to any person, Government, or authority external to UNICEF, any information known to it by reason of its association with UNICEF which has not been made public except with the authority of UNICEF nor shall the consultant at anytime use such information to private advantage. These obligations do not lapse upon termination of this contract with UNICEF.

    Application Procedure:

  • Interested candidates should submit applications online with copies of their CV, P11 form and the most recent documentaries of the following:
  • One show reel demonstrating ability to edit high quality footage to 5 mins (max)
  • One show reel demonstrating ability to edit to the barest minimum without losing the essential of an assignment (max 2 mins)
  • (Please deliver the footage in a universal format which can be opened on a Microsoft based system)

    How to apply:

    UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become a part of our organization. To apply, click on the following link

    Read more here:: RELIEFWEB CAREERS INT