Journey MIllwright in Port Townsend, Washington, United States with Port Townsend Paper Company

Level: Experienced

Job Location: Port Townsend Paper – Port Townsend, WA

Position Type: Full Time

Education Level: High School

Function and Scope:

Performs scheduled tasks & maintains mill equipment.

Duties and Responsibilities

Essential Functions in order of importance:

  1. Perform maintenance on mill equipment as scheduled.
  2. Trouble shoot mill systems & equipment as needed.
  3. Installation of new & rebuilt equipment.
  4. Perform inspections & preventive maintenance tasks.
  5. Share the load of overtime & call ins as needed.
  6. Training apprentices & other journeymen.

Non-Essential Functions:

  • Other duties as assigned

Hazards and Exposures (Working Conditions)

Pulp and paper process chemicals. Electrical, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment and systems. Working environments, dusty, high heat, humidity, year round weather conditions, excessive heights, working proximity with others. Tight, enclosed spaces.


Minimum Requirements

Education Level Required:

High school graduate or equivalent to (GED). Up to 2 years post graduate schooling in some crafts. Completed apprenticeship program in craft line or equivalent experience.

Experience Required:

5 years in trade or 2 years at trade level

Knowledge/Skills Required:

Craft level skills, equipment specific knowledge, proper handling procedures for chemical common to pulp & paper process. A basic level of skills in processes that may be outside of the primary craft’s core competency including welding, cutting, machining, metal working, computer operation, fitting, rigging and other skills common to maintenance activities. Ability to work and communicate within a small work team.

Personal Tools /Equipment:

Refer to PTPC apprentice program tool list, safety boots and flashlight.

Physical Requirements to Perform the Duties of the Job (weight lifting, etc.)

  • Lift and carry 50 pounds.
  • Push and pull rolling carts with several hundred pound loads.
  • Extended hours of work during downs-sixteen hours or more.
  • Twisting and turning while executing job.
  • Working in awkward positions.

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