Myanmar: UN Cluster Coordinator

Organization: UNOPS
Country: Myanmar
Closing date: 28 Feb 2018

Background Information – Job-specific

SECO Myanmar

The project is providing trust fund management services to the UN Trade Cluster Programme for the Union of Myanmar with funding from the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). It consists in a long-run engagement of Switzerland. Developed within the overall Delivering as One (DaO) process in Myanmar and related United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF 2018 -2022), the project aims at nurturing the right synergies with existing mechanisms such as the Aid for Trade (AfT) -Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) machinery. The project is based on the “UN Trade Cluster” configuration encompassing four implementing agencies (UNIDO, ITC, UNCTAD and the ILO). UNCTAD is the lead agency of the joint programme with overall joint-programme coordination and supervision tasks carried-out jointly with the UN Cluster Coordinator. UNOPS is the trust fund manager of the project: it ensures the financial coordination to manage the trust fund on behalf of the SECO.

Purpose and Scope of Assignment**

The Coordinator will work under the overall guidance and supervision of UNOPS, and the direct guidance and supervision of the SECO-UN Trade Cluster agencies, i.e. primarily with UNCTAD as lead agency of the joint-programme with overall coordination tasks and with each participating agency, namely the ILO, UNIDO and the ITC.
The Coordinator will also work in close coordination with the United Nations Resident Coordinator Office in Myanmar to ensure that the SECO funded project is well embedded in the overall DaO process in Myanmar. In that context, he/she will make sure that the project leads to an effective integrated approach and enhanced impact at the country level with increased value-added supported by four principles, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and relevance. Within the DaO process, the Coordinator will look at all possible additional funding. Within the AfT- EIF machinery, he/she will particularly look at additional EIF contributions to the project. Finally, with regards to the national partners, the Coordinator will work in close cooperation with the Myanmar Government and all other relevant public and private stakeholders at state (Shan) and national level.

Functional Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of the Cluster Coordinator are as follows:

  1. Overall programme design, implementation, coordination and management:

  2. Promote and support value chain development in horticulture and tourism with a view of enabling local value chains for export-readiness, this should include the promotion of a market systems approach to value chain development poverty reduction, responsible tourism, organic production, social inclusiveness, women’s economic empowerment, environmental protection, public/private sectors partnership, interagency coordination, and national ownership as the SECO and UN overarching values guiding this project

  3. Be responsible for managing and coordinating all stages of the Cluster Programme in Myanmar (i.e. review and finalization of the Programme together with the main stakeholders, implementation and monitoring) and ensure along the preparation of detailed and regularly updated Annual Work Plans its overall quality and coherence, specifically driving a programme that is adapted to local market needs and based on market system analysis. This should be done in close cooperation with the UN Trade Cluster’ agencies, Project Management Board and by leading the Project Management Unit;

  4. Ensure smooth interagency coordination by setting up a system of knowledge sharing and management as well as a work-plan and meeting schedule for the involved agencies and their experts and joint communication.

  5. Coordinate inputs from the implementing entities, work in close cooperation and maintain regular contacts with them with headquarters and field project officers or offices, and facilitate the work of the agencies and their technical experts in the country, on a regular basis and in particular in cooperation with the Project Management Board.

  6. Lead the Project Management Unit by providing information and suggestions to the implementing entities, and particularly by identifying possible joint activities, facilitating joint TOR for these activities and the involved experts, therefore contributing to their coherent and well-sequenced work without interfering with their expertise and their own internal processes.

  7. Assist and advice, as required, the national and State’s authorities in selecting the national officer’s members of the Project Management Board, and support or launch initiatives aimed at enhancing the technical capacity of relevant Ministries. Keep the state Government and the respective national line Ministries and their representations in Shan state informed about the project implementation.

  8. Work in close cooperation and coordination with the AfT-EIF National Project National Implementation Unit and Government/Donors Steering Committee led by the Ministry of Commerce.

  9. Ensure the project’s progress and implementation plan is updated and reflected in the Myanmar UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF 2018-2022), provide advice to participating UN agencies on this, and cooperate with the Office of the UN Resident Coordinator in this regard.

  10. Project monitoring and reporting:

  11. Prepare and regularly update Result Measurement Plans and Monitoring reports for the project to effectively monitor results; provide recommendations and lessons learnt to enhance the delivery for subsequent Annual Work Plans;

  12. Closely monitor the implementation of the activities, identify problems and deficiencies, and initiate and propose corrective actions when necessary in close consultation with UNCTAD, joint programme lead agency and all the UN Cluster participating agencies;

  13. Carry out missions to the targeted areas in the context of the implementation of the Programme;

  14. Support and coordinate external Result Oriented Monitoring missions;

  15. Co-chair the Project Management Board and participate in the SECO-UN Global Management Board meetings, prepare relevant inputs as required and ensure appropriate follow-up to relevant decisions;

  16. Prepare monitoring, financial (UN agency expenditure level) and progress reports, bi-annual and annual reports for the SECO-UN Global Management Board, and for the Ministry of Commerce / EIF-Aid for Trade Steering Committee, as required.

  17. Develop and facilitate a monthly public-private dialogue roundtable on tourism in Shan state, involving all public and private sector stakeholders.

  18. Knowledge Management:

  19. Develop an overall framework that guides knowledge management for this project;

  20. Manage the development of a webpage Develop for the project to facilitate sharing and exchange of information, and facilitate the dissemination on the project’s goals and activities among interested national and international audiences;

  21. Collect and disseminate relevant data that is useful for the project’s stakeholders.

  22. Capacity Building:

  23. To ensure a regular transfer of skills to the national counterparts in the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Coordinator will plan and oversee the implementation of a training plan for key Ministry officials as well as participate in and instigate ad hoc training on project specific and project management related methodologies.

  24. Perform other related duties as required.

Monitoring and Progress Controls

The incumbent will primarily report to the UN Cluster agencies on their respective components and then to the Head of the SECO-UNCTAD Global Management Board for substantive supervision and the Senior Portfolio Manager, HRSC, UNOPS for administration

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