Kazakhstan: Kazakhstan: Resident Advisor, Kazakhstan Field Epidemiology Training Program

Organization: RTI International
Country: Kazakhstan
Closing date: 31 Mar 2018

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RTI is seeking an FETP Resident Advisor to develop a cadre of Ministry of Health (MOH) Field Epidemiologists to strengthening surveillance and outbreak response throughout Kazakhstan. The FETP Resident Advisor will train and mentor MOH staff to improve disease surveillance, detection, response to outbreaks by providing classroom training in applied epidemiology and lead applied activities and field investigations.

Task Requirements:

· Serve as technical advisor for the development and implementation of an overall integrated field epidemiology training program to build evidence-based public health systems in coordination with other partners and MOH officials

· Work with technical staff at CDC, the Ministry of Health and other partners in country to develop and implement a training plan for field epidemiology for public health professional at the basic, intermediate and advanced levels as appropriate.

· Travel to the field (local sites within country) to conduct trainings and assist with participants’ investigations and field work.

· Travel to CDC Atlanta to attend the FETP annual strategic planning and the Epidemic Intelligence Service conference.

· Travel to CDC Atlanta or other location, as appropriate, to attend required trainings, meetings, conferences, etc., (such as regional or global scientific conferences)

· Liaise with Ministry of Health to identify participants for the field epidemiology trainings.

· Work with MOH to convene a Steering Committee to oversee program implementation and management.

· Coordinate with CDC and identified partners to ensure logistical support for the didactic and field trainings of selected participants is in place.

· Conduct the planned field epidemiology trainings together with Ministry of Health, CDC, and identified partners.

· Mentor participants of the FETP programs.

· Orientate MOH supervisors and mentors of the FETP programs participants about the expectations for their roles in relation to the FETP.

· Guide participants in preparing their presentations for dissemination of their findings and recommendations.

· Assist trainees to develop adequate and timely field investigations in response to acute public health problems such as epidemic outbreaks, clusters of disease cases, and case investigations.

· Advise MOH in the identification and acquisition of opportunities for participant projects, and sources of funding that help secure annual budgets for the adequate development of an institutionalized FETP.

· Assist mentors and participants in the FETP-Intermediate program with the design and implementation of applied epidemiological research projects.

· Assist with the selection and training of graduates as mentors for future participants.

· Coordinate the organization and facilitation of stakeholder and dissemination meetings in country.

· Participate in disease surveillance and outbreak investigation and response activities of the Ministry of Health together with graduates and participants.

· Work with MOH and other training institutions to integrate basic and intermediate field epidemiology curriculum into an in-service program for MOH staff.

· Provide technical assistance to the MOH.

· Liaison between CDC, the MOH, and partners to coordinate GHS activities in the country.

· Participate in periodic Steering Committee meetings to guide program implementation and activities

· Participate in periodic (monthly or as otherwise agreed upon) calls with country support staff in headquarters (CDC-Atlanta)

Required Qualifications:

· Masters or Doctoral-level professional degree in academic fields related to health or allied sciences in human or veterinary medicine, or zoonotic biology.

· Graduate from a Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP) and 2+ years of experience in a Field Epidemiology Training Program.

· 5+ years of experience working in the field as a practicing epidemiologist and preparing and facilitating trainings for in-service public health workforce development initiatives.

· Knowledge of WHO standards and policies such as the Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response strategy (IDSR) and International Health Regulations.

· Extensive knowledge and understanding of the functionality of surveillance systems at national, sub national, local and community levels of the health systems in Kazakhstan.

· Experience in coordinating multi-agency public health programs at regional, national, sub national, local levels in Kazakhstan.

· Fluency in Russian language.

· 2 years of experience working in the field as a practicing epidemiologist.

· 3+ years of experience preparing and facilitating trainings for in-service public health workforce development initiatives, like the Field Epidemiology Training Program.

How to apply:

To apply please send your CV and cover letter to ITOPSS@rti.org with Kazakhstan: Resident Advisor, FETP in the subject line.