Maintenance Superintendent Sawmill in California, California, United States with Top Wood Jobs

The Maintenance Superintendent at this sawmill in California will manage maintenance and maintain direct communications with the maintenance supervisor and all other management in other departments regarding maintenance needs.

Job#180412MS– Maintenance Superintendent – Sawmill – California
Location: United States
Wage: $80-100k/year depending on experience
Education Required: BS Degree in Engineering preferred
Years Experience Required: Sawmill maintenance management/supervision experience required 5+ years of manufacturing experience in the areas of reliability methods and techniques.


  • Oversee the servicing, repairing, and preventative maintenance of equipment in the sawmill, planer mill, bark plant, and power plant.
  • Manage and work on equipment and machinery as necessary to maintain production demands.
  • Schedule maintenance and service:
    • Maintain preventative maintenance program and documentation
    • Maintain work order log, safety recommendation work list, and insurance recommendations.
    • Maintain service records.
    • Maintain vendor files and reference books.
    • Supervise millwrights, welders, oilers, and other maintenance personnel in conjunction with your supervisor(s):
      • Schedule work times.
      • Delegate work.
      • Insure quality and quantity of work performed.
      • Fill out employee absence reports, tardy slips, and evaluation forms.
      • Maintain timecards and cost accounting records.
      • Promote training, and enforce safe work practices.
      • Enforce lock-out plant wide safety program.
      • Assist electrical department and truck shop department during absence of supervisor in those departments, per instruction of management.
      • Keep maintenance workshop area organized and sanitary.
      • Keep area neat as possible.
      • Keep work areas safe with maintaining proper tools and equipment.
      • Responsible for purchasing parts, supplies, tools, and materials necessary to meet demands of maintaining the plant:
        • Select and specify what is to be purchased.
        • Maintain approved inventory levels.
        • Keep inventory of parts, supplies, tools, and materials in an organized and safe manner.
      • Coordinate equipment and facilities maintenance and repair with department supervisors.
      • Communicate operator abuse problems and coordinate discipline.
      • Coordinate maintenance and service for adequate and appropriate time.
      • Keep safety a priority and maintain safe working conditions.
      • Attend supervisor safety meetings and conduct tail-gate safety meetings crew.
      • Document meetings and submit to safety director.
      • Maintain current material safety data sheet (msds) files.
      • Enforce all OSHA and company required safety rules and regulations including lock-out policy, hardhat policy, steel-toed boot policy, etc.
      • Know your duties outlined in the emergency evacuation plan and fire prevention plan.
      • Maintain a paper trail. Fill out necessary paperwork for personnel department, payroll department, plus accident reports and investigations, tardiness and absence reports, warnings, training documentation, etc.
      • Supervise outside service contractors. Make sure “certificates of insurance” are current, and enforce company safety rules while contractors are performing work on company property.
      • Perform other reasonably related duties as necessary as assigned by management.
      • Overtime as business needs arise.

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