Central African Republic: French Speaking Aid Information Management Officer to CAR

Organization: Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency
Country: Central African Republic
Closing date: 11 Sep 2018

The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) is currently looking for a French speaking Aid Information Management Officer (P4) to Bangui, Central African Republic.
The specific objective of this assignment is to design an improved Aid Information Management System with the capacity to respond to current needs.
Commencement date: 1st of October, 2018
Duration of initial contract: 1 year (possibility for 1 year extension)
R&R cycle is 6 weeks.

We would strongly encourage you to apply before the deadline as we review the aplications ongoing.


  • Review Existing AIMS based on consultation with users and potential key users among donors and national counterparts, all existing aid information management mechanisms (databases) in CAR, including those linked to the ongoing humanitarian response, to assess strengths and gaps. Provide an outline of upgrades and innovations needed to advance an information management system that is efficient for all users to be able to transparently deliver the data expected by stakeholders.
  • Design and program improvements to the existing AIMS.
  • Stakeholder consulattions and maintenance of the new AIMS. Convene and facilitate a workshop for stakeholders to validate proposed options and support structure for the AIMS and present the AIMS final design.
  • Conduct consultations with key stakeholders to identify capacity needs and design learning activities to ensure maximum benefit and of the AIMS. Finally use lessons from the capacity development activities to improve usability of the AIMS.
  • Publication of quarterly aid coordination update.
  • Support the 3 technical working groups under the RCPCA Secretariat. Collect and analyse data to identify, and ensure, meaningful disaggregation of beneficiaries of aid flows to highlight the level of inclusion of women, youth and vulnerable population groups as well as highlight regional disparities.
  • Contribute to the design of a step-by-step Action Plan and Manual for integrating aid information management in the institutional set-up.
  • Serve in a help desk function for key AIMS users and provide other support tasks as required.



  • Minimum 7 years of relevant experience in the field of information management system design and management, with a majority of those focused on design and implementation of aid information management systems (AIMS)
  • Experience with definition and modeling of needs, development of databases and tools
  • Experience supervising service providers
  • Experience with training of users on processes, modalities and technical aspects of information management tools
  • Proven experience in supporting aid management in different types of environments, including conflict-affected countries.
  • Experience with the UN system and international organizations is an advantage.
  • Experience in developing information systems for UN and/or other international organizations.
  • Previous experience from the region and/or CAR is a clear advantage
  • Skills in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or mapping functions

Advanced university degree or equivalent qualification in information management, data management or related fields, preferably with elements of international development, international relations, political science, social sciences, public administration or related fields.

Excellent communications skills in French and English, both oral and written, is a requirement.


  • excellent presentationand planning skills
  • strong analytical and communication capacities with ability to relate to people from different institutional and cultural contexts
  • good diplomatic, interpersonal and teamwork skills

Other requirements
We are looking for persons with a strong commitment towards humanitarian relief and disaster operations. It is of utmost priority that you understand, respect and act in the spirit of the mandate and core values of the MSB.
You must undergo a pre-employment medical examination by a licensed physician before being contracted.
You must inform your regular employer of your potential assignment with the MSB.

You must be able to interact with sensitivity and display respect for diversity and gender in multi-cultural environments. A capacity for working under pressure is essential, as work is often performed under difficult and demanding conditions, where the focus frequently shifts due to changes in priority.
You must possess a high level of professional and personal maturity together with an ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with colleagues, managers and external partners, such as UN organizations, NGOs, recipient governments and host populations.
You are expected to have excellent analytical and communicative skills, show initiative and take both a hands-on and an analytical approach to tasks and problems.

Contractual conditions
Working with the MSB on international operations means that you are temporarily employed by the MSB. The MSB pays salary as well as a comprehensive allowances and benefits package to field staff on international operations, ranging from free home leave travel to access to psychosocial support. In addition, participants on induction training and relevant specialist training courses receive remuneration from the MSB.
If selected for this position an evaluation will be done after the mission. The evaluation can result in an offer to be registered on the MSB roster. When you are registered on the MSB roster you can continuously receive interesting international job opportunities and invitations to stimulating and valuable trainings and exercises.
A registration on MSB roster is valid for three years. After this period your registration will be evaluated and you may be offered an extended registration. After being registered on the roster you need to conduct the MSB induction training and any specialist training courses required.

How to apply:

The MSB applies a policy of equal opportunities to avoid any form of discrimination. We strive for gender balance and qualified women are strongly encouraged to apply.

If you wish to apply for the position please go to https://www.msb.se/en/OpsPreparedness/Taking-part-in-a-mission/Current-recruitments/

Press the apply button and register your details on MyPages. Please note, the information that you provide on MyPages will form the basis for your CV. After registering on MyPages do not forget to apply for the position by submitting your application through MyPages.

It is your responsibility as an applicant to document your skills in a way that allows an objective and qualitative assessment. As a government agency we are subject to the principle of public access to official records.