Development of an M&E Framework and M&E Tools for the Joint Labour Migration Programme (JLMP)

Organization: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
Closing date: 10 Sep 2018


The Joint Programme on Labour Migration Governance for Development and Integration in Africa (JLMP) is a long-term joint undertaking between the AU, ILO, IOM, UNECA, and UNDP. It is the instrument dedicated to the implementation of the 5th Key Priority Area of the Declaration and Plan of Action on Employment, Poverty Eradication and Inclusive Development, which were adopted, by the Assembly of Heads of States and Governments (AU/Assembly/AU/20(XXIV)/Annex 3, January 2015) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, January 2015. Several international partners, including Sweden and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), are supporting the JLMP via one or more of the above-mentioned JLMP members.

The Programme conducts coordinated and simultaneous interventions across two main thematic areas: governance and operational implementation. The governance component addresses the critical need to develop in concert the four cardinal pillars of labour migration governance: law based on international standards, establishing viable and coherent policy, strengthening the core institutions, and engaging tripartite participation and cooperation among the main economic actors at national, regional and international levels. The implementation component covers key inter-dependent technical operational areas: decent work and social protection for migrant workers and their families, addressing the key constraint of skills shortages, and obtaining essential data and knowledge for governance of labour migration and protection of migrants. Each of these reflects a specific area of standards and policy and technical competences, each address distinct institutions and constellations of stakeholders, and each intersects with different international actors and distinct structures within institutions such as the ILO and the IOM.

In order to have a significant yet realistic take-off of the Programme, a Three-Year Project was developed, with focus on EAC, ECOWAS and SADC. It will serve to seek support from international partners with the view to complement the funding secured from AU Member States. It also results from consultations with donors such as Germany, Sweden and Belgium. The project prioritizes four thematic themes closely drawn from the JLMP:

  • Strategic Theme 1: Effectiveness and transparency of the labour market institutions on delivering labour migration governance services.

  • Strategic Theme 2: Improve the policy and regulatory systems on labour migration at Member states and Regional Economic Community (RECs) levels.

  • Strategic Theme 3: Multi stakeholder policy consultation and practical coordination on labour migration and mobility to provide advisory support to MS, AU and RECs decision makers.

  • Strategic Theme 4: Continental and regional operational leadership and capacity to spearhead/steer coordinate the implementation of the JLMP at all levels.

The Consultancy aims at establishing an M&E framework for the JLMP in general, and the 3 year project in particular. It takes into account also the work plan and planned support structure of the LMAC.


The scope of work for the Consultant will encompass the following:

  1. Based on relevant programme documents and needs/requirements highlighted by relevant stakeholders/JLMP members (including relevant RECs), develop an M&E framework that defines reporting lines and requirements, relevant coordination efforts, etc.

  2. In accordance with AUC standards and in close cooperation with the AUC’s Strategic Planning Department, introduce the results-based monitoring/ management (RBM) and Log-Frame Approach (LFA) as basic concepts for the M&E framework and related tools.

  3. Develop M&E tools and formats based on the suggested framework, taking into account the AUC’s reporting mechanisms and formats (AMERT) as well as all existing planning, reporting and monitoring instruments of the JLMP members (UN organisations, RECs). Consider relevant continental, regional and international planning documents and integrate them into the M&E tools where possible (Agenda 2063, AU mid-term plan, UN Global Compact on Migration, Migration Policy Framework for Africa, Sustainable Development Goals, etc.) and develop a results-hierarchy.

  4. Conduct a stakeholder workshop/training for M&E focal points for all relevant JLMP members/stakeholders to introduce and revise the M&E framework.

How to apply:

Invitation to Bid

Reference No. 83298858

GIZ Support to the AU on Migration and Displacement would like to invite all interested bidders who are eligible to participate in this public bid, are herewith requested to submit their proposals for the “Development of an M&E Framework and M&E tools for the Joint Labour Migration Programme (JLMP)”.

Interested bidders who fulfill the following criteria can obtain the bid document from the office specified below starting from Wednesday, 29th of August 2018, 8:30am on working hours or can request the document via an email address:

The criteria for selecting the consultant include the following:

  • Master’s degree in the field of programme management; political science; law; migration studies; or related field;

  • At least ten years’ international level experience in programme monitoring and evaluation, and in setting up monitoring and evaluation systems;

  • Proven experience in developing steering structures and M&E as well as reporting systems for complex multi-country and multi-actor programmes;

  • Proven expertise and work experience on RBM and LFA;

  • Extensive knowledge of the African Union, RECs and relevant UN agencies;

  • Experience on either labour or migration related matters; and particularly labour migration, will be a strong advantage;

  • Proven training experiences, particularly in the field of M&E/RBM;

  • Fluency in English, solid writing and analytical skills;

  • Strong interpersonal skills;

  • Proven training and capacity building skills;

  • Experience in other similar assignments would be an added advantage.

    All bids must be delivered/submitted physically/via email to the address below at or before 4:00pm local time on Monday, 10th of September 2018.

    Bidders should submit their Technical and Financial proposals as per the issued tender document.

    GIZ Support to AU on Migration and Displacement project reserves the right to cancel the bid fully or partially.

    The address referred above to submit your Technical and Financial Offers is:

    German Development Cooperation

    GIZ Office, Kirkos Sub City, Kebele 18 (Behind Intercontinental Hotel)

    P.O.Box 100009

    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


    Via email address: