Mozambique: Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor / Specialist

Organization: Government of Canada
Country: Mozambique
Closing date: 13 Sep 2018

The deliverables of the M&E Advisor may include, but will not be limited to, the following:

A) Program/Project Design, Planning, Implementation and Monitoring

  1. Analysis, advice and recommendations to inform consultations with stakeholders for GAC’s new programing in Mozambique and facilitation of such consultations as required;

  2. Analysis, advice and recommendations on GAC program planning workshops using GAC results-based management tools, such as the theory of change, the logic model and the performance measurement framework;

  3. Analysis, advice and recommendations to the preparation and/or assessment of policy documents, corporate strategies, country programming frameworks (including a country level logic model and performance management framework), sector strategies, and ensure the integration of a results-based management approach throughout, taking into consideration gender equality and a human rights-based approach, where relevant;

  4. Analysis, advice and recommendations on the development of GAC’s results-based monitoring and evaluation strategy in Mozambique;

  5. Analysis, advice and recommendations on progress towards the achievement of (intermediate and immediate) outcomes at individual project level, as well as at the country program level and ensuring its alignment with the ARIA;

  6. Analysis, advice and recommendations on option papers, concept papers and project approval documents, including the development of logic models (LM) and LM narratives, performance management frameworks (PMF) and PMF narratives, monitoring plans, and risk registers, in accordance with GAC’s results-based management methodology, terminology and tools;

  7. Analysis, advice and recommendations to inform the assessment of project proposals (including the bilateral, multilateral and partnership programs), and identification of key RBM and M&E strengths and weakness;

  8. Analysis, advice and recommendations on documents produced by implementing partners, such as the Project Implementation Plan, Annual Work Plans, Narrative Reports on results, Baseline, Mid-term and End-line Reports, and Evaluations to improve the performance of the project/program, and propose adjustments and corrective actions, as required;

  9. Analysis, advice and recommendations on designing, planning, implementing and disseminating project/program evaluations, special studies and assessments;

  10. Advice and recommendations on terms of reference for technical assistance, monitors, consultancies, baselines, assessments, studies and/or evaluations, in accordance with GAC’s results-based management methodology, terminology and tools;

  11. Analysis, advice and recommendations on GAC’s implementing partners’ and stakeholders’ data collection tools, focusing on efficient and accurate ways to collect the required data, on appropriate sampling methodologies, inclusive and participatory methods and on the selection of appropriate quantitative and qualitative gender-sensitive indicators to best measure the desired outcomes;

  12. Analysis, advice and recommendations to FSS technical specialists and GAC staff on the selection and review of data collection methods for adequate monitoring and evaluation of implementing partners’ performance and of the program as a whole (these methods may include field visits, quarterly reports, specialised surveys and other sources of information);

  13. Analysis, advice and recommendations on monitoring and evaluating the performance of projects against their LMs and PMFs and follow-up or corrective measures as appropriate;

  14. Analysis, advice, recommendations and support to the planning and implementation of internal and/or external project and program evaluations, as needed.

B) Development of Tools/Guidelines, Training & Capacity Development

  1. Assessments of the training and capacity building needs (institutional and individual) of GAC staff, partners and stakeholders regarding gender-sensitive monitoring and evaluation and RBM;

  2. Research and assessments of implementing partner and GAC’s needs for gender-sensitive results-based monitoring and evaluation tools and guidelines, including assessing existing tools and guidelines;

  3. Advice and recommendations on and/or or design and development of gender-sensitive M&E tools, guidelines, material for training, coaching programs, and/or information sessions in accordance with GAC’s policy, format, methodology and content requirements;

  4. Training and coaching sessions including recommendations to partners and GAC staff on how to strengthen gender-sensitive results and indicators in results-based program/project design, implementation, monitoring frameworks, and reporting, and ensuring their integration in budgets;

  5. Analysis, advice and recommendations to strengthen institutional and individual capacity of implementing partners, government counterparts, GAC and other stakeholders in results-based management, project and program monitoring and evaluation, data collection and management (both quantitative and qualitative), reporting and use of data for program planning and improvements;

  6. Training, coaching programs, information sessions, and/or technical assistance to partners, stakeholders and GAC staff on M&E and RBM (in line with GAC RBM for international assistance methodology);

  7. Analysis, advice and recommendations in the identification, selection, and establishment of links with institutions/organizations in Mozambique, Canada and elsewhere to deliver training, coaching programs, and information sessions on results-based M&E, as needed;

  8. Results-based project design workshops or working sessions with GAC team and stakeholders;

  9. Analysis, advice and recommendations on Canadian and international trends and best practices to develop and enhance results-based M&E tools, guidelines, training, coaching and capacity building;

  10. Advice and recommendations on the organization of knowledge-sharing events, and facilitation of those events as required;

  11. Oral or written reports, briefing notes and talking points on specific issues related to the development of tools and guidelines, training and capacity development;

C) Strategic research, analysis and advice

  1. Gender-sensitive results-based M&E analyses and comments on documents produced by partners and other stakeholders, including sector and institutional strategies and programming frameworks;

  2. Analysis, advice and recommendations on best practices, lessons learnt, emerging trends and knowledge in gender-sensitive and results-based M&E in sectors of Canadian engagement;

  3. Dissemination products on key gender-sensitive M&E-related research, documents, and contacts in Mozambique in sectors/areas related to the Canadian international assistance program;

  4. Oral or written reports on external meetings or events related to M&E, upon request.

Canada will share relevant documentation and provide the Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor clarification on expected deliverables throughout her/his mandate.

How to apply:

Candidates who wish to apply for this position can send their response by email to: or by no later than 13th of September, 12 pm, Maputo time.

An application consists of a cover letter outlining motivation and a CV highlighting the candidate’s education, experience and skills as requested in the profile below. The CV should not be more than 5 pages maximum.

The candidate should submit a separate financial proposal, indicating his/her daily rate for this assignment. The selection process will take place based on quality and costs at a 70% – 30% basis.

Proficiency in English and Portuguese is a requirement.

For questions on this recruitment process, please contact Lidia Costa at