Germany: OTI SOCAF Conflict and Stabilization Advisor – Stuttgart, Germany

Organization: US Agency for International Development
Country: Germany
Closing date: 21 Sep 2018

The OTI SOCAF Conflict and Stabilization Advisor is a full-time Personal Services Contract (PSC) position at the GS-14 equivalent level and located in Stuttgart, Germany. Offers for this position are due no later than September 21, 2018 at 1:00pm Eastern Time. For full information about this position, as well as instructions on how to submit an offer, please read the entire solicitation at


The Conflict and Stabilization Advisor is a member of USAID’s Democracy, Conflict and Humanitarian Assistance (DCHA)/OTI Field Programs Division (FPD), and is considered an expert in the field of political transition and stabilization programming overseas with a strong civil-military background, program and budget management experience, and operational skills. The Conflict and Stabilization Advisor is a senior-level position in support of OTI’s numerous field programs, including handling multiple high-level civil-military engagements, planning efforts, and reporting lines. The Conflict and Stabilization Advisor provides advice to the strategic and operational components of OTI country programs to better integrate stabilization and transition assistance with ongoing Special Operations Command – Africa (SOCAF) and Africa Geographic Combatant Command (AFRICOM) presence and operations, and provides expertise that helps communities recover from conflict and resist extremist influence.


The Conflict and Stabilization Advisor will serve as the senior OTI advisor and representative to the U.S. Special Operations Command – Africa (SOCAF) and to the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) for stabilization and transition assistance coordination, as well as OTI’s representative to the SOCAF Commander and to USAID’s AFRICOM Senior Development Advisor (SDA). The work of the incumbent requires teamwork, the exercise of discretion, judgment, and personal responsibility. The incumbent is flexible and willing to work under conditions of ongoing change, and remains professional and respectful of colleagues and authority in a diverse workforce. She or he places a premium on the building of positive relationships with his or her respective team both in the field and in Washington, and with key stakeholders both in and outside of USAID. The incumbent is able to prioritize and complete tasks without follow-up by the supervisor, while also filling in gaps as needed to ensure the responsiveness of the team. The Conflict and Stabilization Advisor is a strategic thinker, articulates innovative ideas, presents solutions, and is a positive role model for colleagues both in and outside of OTI.

Under the direct supervision of the Washington-based DCHA/OTI Senior Civil-Military Transition Specialist or his/her designee, the Conflict and Stabilization Advisor will perform the following duties:

  • Advise and liaise with U.S. Special Operations Command – Africa (SOCAF) and the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) to inform campaign plans and operations on stabilization and transition; ensuring that OTI field programs are coordinated with theater planning; ensure OTI stabilization and transition activities are nested in and around security operations; and, ensure a common civil-military picture of the political and security environment;

  • Advise and inform SOCAF and AFRICOM, on campaign and operational planning efforts to synchronize and inform stabilization and transition programming; anticipate respective operational requirements; and engage and coordinate with other civilian assistance interests relevant to stabilization and political transition;

  • Facilitate unity of effort between USAID/OTI field programs, SOCAF, and AFRICOM, providing regular information sharing, reporting and analysis on political and security developments;

  • Manage regular communication channels and information and product exchange to ensure a common operating picture between OTI, SOCAF and AFRICOM; and, circulate status reports which summarize relevant AFRICOM and SOCAF activities impacting OTI field or Washington, D.C. teams;

  • Determine and manage requests between OTI, SOCAF, and AFRICOM for participation in exercises. Represent OTI at planning exercises with SOCAF, AFRICOM;

  • Educate SOCAF and AFRICOM on issues pertaining to OTI-led Countering Violent Extremism (CVE), Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR), media support, service delivery, and other OTI stabilization and transition assistance activities in Africa;

  • Respond to OTI request for information (RFI) to program decision-making and forward planning.


(Determines basic eligibility for the position. Offerors who do not meet all of the education and experience factors are considered NOT qualified for the position. See detailed instructions for demonstrating Education/Experience under “Applying”)

At a minimum, the offeror must have:

(1) A Master’s degree with seven (7) years of work experience;


A Bachelor’s degree with nine (9) years of work experience;


(2) Six (6) years of project management experience with a U.S. Government foreign affairs agency, domestic or international assistance organization, or non-governmental organization, in community development, economic development, mediation/arbitration, conflict resolution, democracy and governance, international law, and/or human rights activities;


(3) Two (2) years of overseas field experience working in a developing country.


(4) Three (3) years of supervisory experience

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