Uganda: Ugandian Partner Organization experienced in Reproductive Health Studies

Organization: Human Development Research Centre
Country: Uganda
Closing date: 17 Sep 2018

Human Development Research Centre (HDRC) website: is planning to participate in a call for proposal aiming at conducting a large scale household survey in field of reproductive health as well as implanting health facility assessment in sample districts in Uganda. The partner organization must be registered in Uganda and should have operations in Uganda. The organization needs to have at least 5 years experience in conducting paperless tablet based survey. The Partner organization will be responsible for recruiting necessary field staff for data collection, accurately converting the data collection instruments (tools) to ODK based electronic version, provide training to data collection staff and supervisors, monitor field operation and report to international technical assistance providing organization. The organization also needs to provide administrative and logistical support to field operation team. Average duration of respondent survey will be 30 minutes and facility assessment roughly 2 hours.

Tentative field operation period will be 20 days excluding 4 days for training.

Interested organizations are request to contact via email to Avijit Poddar, Research Director, HDRC at for any clarification before 15 September 2018.

How to apply:

Interested organizations are request to mail to Avijit Poddar at by 17 September 2018 with organizational profile, CV of the expert who will be proposed as National in charge of the survey operation and a quotation in USD for survey of 1000 sample respondents and assessment of 5 facilities.