Bangladesh: Medical Faculty – Postgraduate Fellowship

By Doctors Worldwide Organization: Doctors Worldwide
Country: Bangladesh
Closing date: 19 Oct 2018

About DWW: Doctors Worldwide (DWW) is a specialist medical organisation with expertise in designing and delivering sustainable health-based programmes worldwide. By linking our medical expertise with local cultural knowledge and values, Doctors Worldwide is able to build capacity, develop and sustain health services, empower local communities and produce effective solutions of high impact and low cost.

Purpose: Doctors Worldwide has been active in Bangladesh since November 2017 responding to the Rohingya Crisis. From our strong presence on the ground, there is a dire need to strengthen and improve the quality of care being delivered through the clinics in the camps of Cox’s Bazar. Our Postgraduate Fellowship (PGF) in Migrant and Refugee Health Programme is strategically designed to cover core medical topics relevant to Bangladeshi doctors working in the camps.

Project: The Postgraduate Fellowship (PGF) in Migrant and Refugee Health Programme is centered around the delivery of 7 independent modules focusing on, see below. The PGF aims to provide knowledge and best practices of identified clinical topics specifically designed for migrant and refugee camp settings. Read about the PGF here:

If you have an interest in medical education, enjoy teaching and have a passion for improving the quality of care in humanitarian settings, apply by the deadline to be considered for the role. Further information can be found on the job description found on our website here:


1 Health in Humanitarian Emergencies

2 Triage and Acute Care Management

3 Communicable Diseases

4 Non-Communicable Diseases and Palliative Care

5 Mental Health in Humanitarian Emergencies

6 Sexual and Reproductive Health, Family Planning and Gender Based Violence

7 Clinical Assessment, Professional Practice and Communication Skills

You will be responsible for the conduction of medical teaching to local Bangladeshi health care workers who work for our partnered organisations. This will incorporate a wide range of methodologies including eLearning, didactic lectures, group discussions, case-based scenarios, simulated exercises with props, and clinical shadowing and teaching in the Rohingya refugee camps. These modules have been developed by healthcare experts and serve to the need and context currently in the field.

Roles and Responsibilities

Duration: 3 months, based in Bangladesh. The role will involve strengthening the quality of content and teaching of the PGF for cohort B running from mid Nov 2018 – Feb 2019.

The position will pursue the following objectives:

• Support improvements in the quality of care delivery through the development of a training curriculum for local Bangladeshi doctors/health care workers.

• Lead on delivering teaching and supervision sessions in Cox’s Bazar as per the training schedule.

• Ensure the integration of interactive teaching approaches to ensure active engagement and knowledge transfer with participants.

• Serve as a role model in supporting improvement in comprehensive care delivery, including the introduction and use of guidelines where appropriate, as well as developing the culture of evidence-based medical practice and quality improvement e.g. through mortality and morbidity meetings and internal audit.

• The utilisation of online learning platforms to support clinical education and decision making. • Provide technical advice and consultancy to better configure healthcare services to local clinical and community needs.

Breakdown of specific responsibilities for medical faculty:

Administrative responsibilities (30-40%):

  • Work on improving the structure and design of the curriculum, content and clinical training (under the guidance of Training Programme Director and Editorial Team).
  • Amend and develop curriculum/module revision as needed.
  • Support scheduling and coordination of medical volunteer faculty.
  • Network with local partners and stakeholders and attend relevant coordination meetings.
  • Work with Doctors Worldwide Team to support monitoring and evaluation activities.
  • Support new project development work as guided by local opportunities and in discussion with Doctors Worldwide Team.
  • Work with Field Coordinator to support weekly situation reports and budget compliance.

Educational/clinical teaching responsibilities (60-70%):

  • Deliver seminar-based teaching utilizing case-based scenarios and simulation where possible (at training sites).
  • Participate in active bedside-teaching to support clinical decision making and behavior role modelling
  • Support the development of training and assessment materials.
  • Facilitate weekly study day to review cases, provide situation updates, as well as deliver educational content (at Cox’s Bazar site).
  • Provide mentorship and supervision of enrolled trainees.
  • Contribute to the assessment, evaluation, and feedback of enrolled trainees.
  • Contribute to the development of clinical guidelines and checklists, and/or other innovative tools to strengthen the quality of health care delivery.

How to apply:

Interested candidates should submit a CV and cover letter to

Subject title: “PGF Medical Faculty Bangladesh”

Cover letters should address the following:

1) Describe why the candidate is particularly interested in participating in this humanitarian project

2) Describe previous work experiences, including in global health and medical education

3) Describe the personal qualities or experiences that make the candidate well-suited for the position

4) Outline future career goals/interests

Doctors Worldwide reserves the right to close to further applicants should a suitably qualified candidate be identified prior to the closing date.

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