Egypt: Videographer

By Positive Planet International Organization: Positive Planet International
Country: Egypt
Closing date: 17 Oct 2018

Positive Planet

Positive Planet International (PPI) is a non-profit organisation with a mission to help men and women across the world to create the conditions for a better life for future generations. Positive Planet was created out of the growth and transformation of PlaNet Finance, which had a mandate to fight poverty through the development of an inclusive financial sector through microfinance. Having developed our experience in microfinance, which remains an important component of our activities, Positive Planet has expanded to also run projects centred on entrepreneurship, financial education and value chains. The headquarters of Positive Planet are in Paris, France. We have developed activities in more than 50 countries, and manage them through local platform organisations in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. For more information, visit

Geographical Scope

Implementation of this consultancy activity will take place in Sohag and Cairo.


The goal of the video is to illustrate the Positive Citizen Award, and to show how the beneficiary succeeded and how Positive Planet helped them in this process, from the beginning of the project to its completion. Show what the beneficiary does, his skills, his behaviours and enthusiasm. Make her/him talk about his/her ambitions as well.

Explain the role of Positive Planet in supporting the creation of the beneficiary’s business. All steps must be highlighted, as well as tangible results. It is therefore necessary that the film be focused on the theme of the Prize. Show that it is the expertise of Positive Planet that allowed this success to come into existence. The project manager has to say it in an interview.

Film as much as possible the various environments in which the laureate practices his professional activity as well as the places he goes to on a day-to-day basis (environment, professional setting …). Also, life shots are not to be forgotten (neighbours, friends, daily activities, etc.).

IMPORTANT: The socio-political context (of the country / district for example) can also be highlighted in the presentation of the project. Positive Planet has helped to change attitudes to bring values ​​of entrepreneurship and productivity research.

Proposition for the narration:

1. A key sentence to enter the beneficiary’s world right away

2. Genesis and presentation of the project developed by Positive planet with the project manager

3. Interview of the awardee

4. Interview of the people that work within the business created by the awardee or people impacted by the creation of the business, the project, etc. (if applicable)

5. Interview of the next of kin of the awardee: friends and family (if they allow it)


A) Mandatory interviews

  • Project manager

    What the interview must show:

    Explain his/her role when looking for beneficiaries

    Explain how/when he/she met the beneficiary

    Explain how Positive Planet helped the beneficiary create his/her business and was therefore able to improve his/her living conditions and his/her family’s one as well.

    Overall: present the project, its objectives and its functioning

    The objective of the project and why it has been launched (why this one and not another one?)

    In which conditions was the project launched? How long will it last for?

    What is PP’s role in the project?

    How does PP accompany the beneficiaries? (Training, mentorship – business plan, production, sales, etc.)

    What were the difficulties to overcome to launch the project? Talk about the key moments of the project, whether because they were difficult or satisfactory

    Are there some remaining difficulties to overcome?

    Do you keep in touch with the beneficiary? How will you follow its journey?

  • Awardee

Questions ideas:

  • Name, age

  • Previous experience

  • What was his/her situation before receiving the help of PP?

  • How did he/she find out about PP and the project?

  • What are the factors that pushed he/she to develop his/her own activity and/or create his/her own business?

  • How did creating his/her own business allowed him/her to live and work with more serenity?

  • What was the impact of his/her entrepreneurial adventure on himself/herself and his/her family?

  • What were his/her initial ambitions? Were they reached? If so, what are his/her new objectives? How does he/she see the future?

  • How did the creation of the business go? How did Positive Planet impact the development of the business, at which times?

  • Is the beneficiary capable of foreseeing the future of its company? What are his/her goals?

  • Family and next of kin

  • What has this project brought to the beneficiary’s family? Has the awardee changed? How has the project changed the living conditions of the family?

  • Do you have any encouraging words for the beneficiary?

To end each interview: do you have a word to resume this encounter?


  • Full HD

  • Very wide and airy when filming the surroundings of the beneficiaries

  • Important to see the beneficiaries in action in their day-to-day life as entrepreneurs

  • Close portraits for the testimonies

To produce as well: HD pictures of each beneficiary in their environment (portrait). One picture of them alone and one with their family/next of kin if possible + of landscapes and the environment.


  • Proven experience of development documentary production independently or in a team (if in a team the consultant is required to assemble his/her own team)

  • Have an access to filming and editing equipment

  • Academic Degree in Media and communication, filmmaking, social sciences or other related field

  • Previous experience in working with INGOs, developmental projects and vulnerable groups

  • A minimum of 3-5 years of work experience

  • Preferably familiar with the demography and geography of Upper Egypt

  • Ability to work independently and to remain flexible, adaptable and reliable.

How to apply:

Interested candidates should send the following to no later than 17th of October 2018 “PPI Videography Consultancy” in the subject line:

  • An Updated CV highlighting relevant and most recent works S/he conducted in the country, with links if available of the said works.
  • A budget that includes the videographer’ daily Rate (The consultant must ensure that all such costs (taxes, travel, accommodation, meals,..etc). are duly incorporated in his/her budget. PLEASE NOTE:**
  • Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.
  • Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.

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