France: Researcher Data Analysis Project – Forensic Activities

By International Committee of the Red Cross Organization: International Committee of the Red Cross
Country: France
Closing date: 22 Oct 2018


The ICRC is an independent, neutral organization ensuring humanitarian protection and assistance for victims of armed conflict and other situations of violence. It takes action in response to emergencies and at the same time promotes respect for international humanitarian law and its implementation in national law. The ICRC Regional delegation in France, within the framework of its forensic activities hereby requesting a tender from you or your company for the following service:

Objective of the consultancy

Missing persons in relation to migration presents a unique humanitarian challenge. Identifying human remains – either rescued from the ocean or washed ashore – is extremely complex because of the lack of information associated with the unidentified bodies. While in normal circumstances, a family member would open a tracing request with the ICRC to search for a missing relative, cases of missing persons in relation to migration requires a reversed approach – the search must begin with an unidentified body and the family must then be traced. This “reverse tracing” is a new challenge which requires the ICRC to develop an innovative tool which can link unidentified remains with families. To address the challenge, the ICRC has designed a pilot initiative in collaboration with an experienced research team from the Calculus Institute of the Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires (CONICET), Argentina. The first of its kind, this initiative seeks to explore how the wealth of existing data on migration, both within and external to the ICRC, can be better mined and applied to assist positively solving cases of missing and unidentified migrants in Africa and Europe. The ICRC Regional Delegation in Paris seeks a researcher to assist in various activities related to this project for a period of six months.

Expected activities

The consultant will spend six months to meet the above objectives.

  • Assist the Data Analysis project including but not limited to, identifying data holders within civil society organizations, liaising with several groups and establishing data sharing proposals and agreements following ICRC data protection regulations, among others. 
  • Prepare internal and external reports/briefings and concept papers related to the synergy between the Data Analysis project and other initiatives aiming at improving the ICRC capacity to trace missing migrants.
  • Assisting in research on issues related to humanitarian forensic action applied to migration and specifically involving the exploitation of data.
  • Assisting in drafting progress reports on the Data Analysis project and related activities to this project.
  • Assisting with tracking progress of various innovation initiatives directly related to the Data Analysis project. 
  • Assist in other activities relevant and linked to the Data Analysis project.

Working relationships

During the term of the mission, the consultant prepares a work plan in agreement with the Transregional Forensic Coordinator. Such plan will cover main activities contemplated in the project and is also flexible enough to incorporate unforeseen tasks emerging from the project. The Consultant will liaise regularly and directly with the ICRC’s Regional Forensic Coordinator to keep him updated on the progress of the various tasks, by email or by phone, but always with written summary.

Reports and Follow up

Upon completion of the mission and prior its end, the Consultant is expected to submit a concise report briefly outlining the activities carried out during the mission, as well as recommendations on the way forward to attain longer-term objectives.

Qualifications and experience

• Master/Degree in sociology, anthropology, political science or law. • Fluency and working knowledge of English; French and/or Italian and/or Spanish is an asset. • Proven knowledge on the subject of migration, migration data sources, organizations involved in the migration file. • Experience in data collection, big data analysis is an asset. • Excellent writing and synthesis skills; familiar with preparing proposals, project briefings and reports. • Knowledge of the work of the ICRC and other humanitarian organizations within the migration, file an asset.

Price and Payment terms Prices offered have to be final, expressed as a monthly rate.^Currency: Euro Indicate prices without VAT. If VAT included, please specify (rate). Payments will be done in three times. First payment after two months, upon reception and validation of invoice. Second payment after four 4 months of work, upon reception and validation of invoice. Third payment within 30 (thirty) banking days from the date of recep-tion of the final report and invoice. All payments are done done by bank transfer. The con-sultant agrees to provide his / her registration or tax number and bank details.

Start and end of service The Consultant will start the service upon signature of the contract, for a total duration of work of six (6) full months.

Obligations of the consultant The Consultant shall carry out its contractual obligations to the best of its abilities and with all due care and diligence. The Consultant follows the ICRC security rules in respective location and adhere the code of conduct.

General Conditions All conditions not mentioned herein shall be governed by the ICRC General conditions for consulting contracts. Acceptance of the contract entails the waiving by the Consultant of its General Conditions of Sales, if any. ICRC is not liable to provide any explanation for its final selection of the Consultant

How to apply:

All offers must be in English and sent, before the closing date, by e-mail to:

All offers submitted after the specified closing date are ineligible.

All offers received will be held in confidence.

Offer changes by Consultant must be received in writing prior to the closing date and must indicate that it is a revised tender.

Only the shortlisted Consultants will be notified of the result of the selection process.

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