Georgia: Multimedia visualization/production consultants in Tbilisi, Georgia.

By UN Children’s Fund Organization: UN Children’s Fund
Country: Georgia
Closing date: 26 Oct 2018

1) Rationale and context of the assignment: Communication at UNICEF comprises Web, Social Media and Multimedia teams working together to create compelling public-facing content and to provide digital services within the organization. Through multiple platforms and in multiple languages, UNICEF draws attention to the many facets of its work, encouraging public support, participation and action, as well as ensuring greater transparency and accountability.

Animated videos, infographics, interactive digital newsletters, video stories for distribution via, YouTube, news media and other outlets and platforms all are a part of our digital storytelling. Leaflets, printed newsletters and publications, branded office supplies (pens, folders, notepads, etc.) are all part of the UNICEF’s visibility and should be in line with global guidelines and brandbook.

UNICEF Georgia seeks to identify Multimedia Visualization designers who will be on the UNICEF roster and undertake all necessary actions to produce designs, multimedia visual content, as well as visibility materials as needed for the UNICEF Georgia’s ongoing programmatic work. The consultants will also support in data visualization efforts analyzing data with the aim of telling the compelling stories using the specific data related to the region and designing infographics for various development and humanitarian issues. The tasks include: conceptualizing, designing and making design/layouts of different publications; analyzing data and producing infographics or multimedia data visualization tools.

Becoming a pre-qualified consultant in the UNICEF Roster is a one-off standard application that opens the door for potentially multiple assignments within a three-year period. Once pre-qualified, consultants will be eligible for direct recruitment by UNICEF Georgia. Over the three-year period, UNICEF will make extensive use of the roster for eligible consultancy requirements; this is therefore, a unique opportunity for any interested and qualified consultant to submit one single application and if entered into the Roster, be immediately considered for any future assignments by UNICEF in the relevant area of expertise.

2) Scope of Work: Design and execute multimedia visual content animated videos, infographics, factographs and other data visualization tools, digital newsletters for UNICEF Georgia’s online and social platforms on ad hoc basis; design and print newsletters, survey reports and publications; branded supplies.

3) Responsibilities:

  • Under the direction of the Communication Officer, personally research, structure, develop, assemble and produce multimedia content or content packages (animated/graphic videos, infographics, online digital newsletters, gifs, interactive content, etc.) for scheduled events and other areas related to UNICEF Programs.
  • Develop multimedia visual packages on a quick turnaround, under tight and variable deadlines for social media and other online and broadcast platforms.
  • Develop and design branded materials pens, notepads, folders, etc.
  • Develop print-ready layouts of UNICEF publications like brochures, newsletters, desk calendars, books; advise on a design concept and format/design/layout in line with the UNICEF brand guidelines; after finalizing design in close consultation with UNICEF Communications Officer, finalize print-ready version of a particular publication and send it to the selected printing house. The consultant should keep an archive of all the materials and provide print ready working files to UNICEF.
  • Undertake animated/graphic video production and post-production, including all related technologies.
  • The multimedia visualization consultant should have all required equipment and supplies.
  • Work with visual multimedia files in multiple formats.
  • Produce these visual packages into final, published content on the UNICEF website within a content management system environment.
  • 4) Deliverables and price offer:

    Provide price offers for the following DESIGN/PRODUCTION work:

  • Simple, animated videos up to 1 min long with text, suitable for social media campaigns
  • Multimedia packages for social media platforms
  • Infographic design
  • Factograph design
  • Plaques, certificates, greeting cards, invitations – design
  • Social media GIF
  • Leaflet design (A4 folded triplet)
  • Report/Publication design and layout (30-50 pages)
  • Newsletter design and layout (20-24 pages)
  • Digital newsletter design
  • Desk calendar design
  • 5) Supervisor: Communication Officer.

    6) Performance indicators for evaluation of results:

  • Professional delivery of services and tasks cited above.
  • Timely delivery of deliverables and adherence to timeline and set deadlines.
  • 7) Qualifications or specialized knowledge/ experience required:

  • Experience in design and visual content production
  • Experience in developing content for multi-media platforms, including social media
  • Experience in using motion graphics
  • Knowledge of digital platforms, engagement and strategy
  • Experience in writing creative scripts and producing animated video content for social engagement
  • Skilled in the following industry tools: Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Cut, After FX and Pro Tools
  • Experience in animated video production and editing
  • Timeliness, accuracy and efficiency
  • Creativity and a comprehensive knowledge of the production process
  • Ability to deliver products on time and within agreed budget
  • 8) Payment Terms: Payment on submission of deliverables approved by supervisor.

    UNICEF recourse in case of unsatisfactory performance:

    Payment will only be made for the work satisfactorily completed and accepted by UNICEF.
    Interested candidates are kindly requested to submit:

  • CV
  • Portfolio
  • Fee per service
  • How to apply:

    UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become a part of our organization. To apply, click on the following link

    Read more here:: RELIEFWEB CAREERS INT