Kenya: Facilitation of the Writeshop on Development of Business Model for the Establishment of Regional Technology and Innovation Incubation Hubs (TiChubs)

By African Union – InterAfrican Bureau for Animal Resources Organization: African Union – InterAfrican Bureau for Animal Resources
Country: Kenya
Closing date: 18 Oct 2018

Introduction/ Background

As part of providing leadership and coordination in the sustainable development of the continent’s Animal Resources, African Union InterAfrican Bureau of Animal Resources (AU-IBAR) is implementing a 5-year project on “**Sustainable Development of Livestock for Livelihoods in Africa – Live2Africa**”, In adherence to promoting knowledge and sound practices, AU-IBAR intends to build capacity in technology and knowledge transfer across the livestock sector in Africa. To achieve this objective, AU-IBAR will facilitate a write shop to develop a business model for the establishment and operationalization of Technology and innovation incubation hubs (TiChubs). The TiChubs will function as assembly points for inventors, agribusiness entrepreneurs, and technology entrepreneurs. The TiChubs will provide creative spaces, infrastructural services, mentorship, intellectual property management, access to financial resources and networking opportunities.

The main impetus of creating the TiCHUBs is to propagate novelty and creative from the future leaders of tomorrow, the youth. The TiChubs, will act as platforms for promotion of technology based businesses through commercializing technology but also will trigger employment generation through business formation. The vision is that through these hubs, the incubator graduates will have gained the skills to create jobs, commercialize new technologies, and strengthen local and national economies. The regional TiChubs will be hosted in selected universities across the continent and will be essential enablers of digital entrepreneurship, functioning as powerful connectors of technology entrepreneurs and various stakeholders (private sector, governments, NGOs amongst other).

It is pertinent for the project to establish the TiChubs to promote the development of mobile application and novel technologies that are “customized” to suit the farmers’ across all production systems within the continent. Therefore to catalyse this action, the planned write shop will enable in-depth deliberations on the development of a business/design model that will integrate the technology, innovation, incubation, commercialization and entrepreneurship aspects.

Objectives of the writeshop

The overall objective of the writeshop will be to develop a draft business model for the establishment of regional Technology and Innovation Incubation hubs (TiChubs).

More specifically the meeting will:

  • Establish technology and innovation ecosytems
  • Identify key partners and stakeholders
  • Formulate guiding principles on functionality and administration of the TiChubs
  • Establish criteria for identification of innovative start-ups
  • Formulate step-wise strategic options to guide commercialization and skill transfer of novel technologies for the livestock sector

Expected outcomes of writeshop

  1. Business Model for the TiChubs drafted.
  2. Robust criteria to guide identification of innovative start-ups developed.
  3. Strategic guidelines document on commercialization and skill transfer of innovative technologies availed.

In the above regard AU-IBAR is through due diligence seeking to identify and engage the services of one (1) consultant to facilitate the writeshop on “**Development of business model for the establishment of regional Technology and Innovation Incubation hubs (TiChubs)**”.

Objectives of the consultancy

The facilitator will be responsible for the smooth running of the meeting including but not restricted to:

  • Design and plan the process, and select the tools that best help the progress towards that desired outcome.
  • Lend subject matter to the specific workshop sessions through development of Terms of reference for each working session.
  • Facilitate the workshop and co-ordinate the day to day workshop proceedings as per the agreed upon agenda.
  • Produce a workshop synopsis report highlighting the proceedings, deliberations and recommendations.

Scope of work

The methodology of the meeting will include brainstorming, working sessions and plenary discussions. It will use the participatory process that allows the ideas of individuals to be tested, argued, amplified and refined through constructive discussions with others. The facilitator will undertake to perform the services with the highest standards of professional and ethical competence and integrity. The facilitator is strongly encouraged to develop highly interactive and practical outputs for this consultancy.

Expected outcomes

  • Facilitation of 3 days interactive meeting.
  • A programme for the 4-day consultative workshop.
  • Draft Business model for TiChubs developed.
  • Draft guidelines on commercialization and skill transfer of innovative technologies.
  • Draft workshop synopsis report delivered within 3days of meeting end.

Competences and experience

The facilitator should have:

  • Experience in development of business models with special focus to the livestock sector
  • Atleast five years experience in technology and innovation incubation hubs/centre establishment in Africa
  • Sound understanding of Africa’s dynamics in technology development and uptake
  • Proficient in entrepreneurship acceleration
  • Experience in facilitating stakeholders consultations.
  • Good interpersonal skills and ability to work with people of different cultures and professional backgrounds.
  • Fluency in English


The total duration of the service for the technical resource person is 10 days technical support in facilitation at 300 USD/day.


The assignment will be undertaken in 10 days, including 2 day preparation, 3 days of facilitation and 5 days for finalization of the reports. The consultancy period commences on 15th November 2018 and ends on 28th November 2018.


The facilitator/trainer will work under the overall guidance and supervision of Technology, Innovations and Skill development expert.


Interested consultants are required to provide Technical and Financial Proposals taking into consideration the maximum available budget. The deadline for submission of proposals is 18th October 2018 at 15:00 Nairobi, Local Time.

How to apply:

The email address for submission of the proposals is with a copy to / or by post addressed to the following address with mention “**Development of business model for the establishment of regional Technology and Innovation Incubation hubs (TiChubs)**”.

The Procurement Officer
African Union Interafrican Bureau for Animal Resources
Kenindia Business Park, Museum Hill, Westlands Road
P.O. Box 30786 00100, Nairobi, Kenya

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