Local Communications Expert, Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative

By American Institutes for Research Organization: American Institutes for Research
Closing date: 20 Oct 2018

American Institutes for Research (AIR) International Research and Evaluation group strives to improve the quality of life in developing countries by using rigorous research and evaluation to enhance education and social development. We conduct impact evaluations on a wide range of topics including cash transfer programs, early childhood nutrition and development programs, education interventions, health programs, women’s empowerment, and agricultural interventions. We partner with locally based researchers to provide context relevant policy analysis and to help build the research capacity in developing countries. Our work contributes to policy and financial decisions at the national and international level in countries around the world.

Position Summary

AIR is seeking a Communications Expert to work on an expected ADB-funded Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi) project for women entrepreneurship development in Sri Lanka: Enabling an Empowering Business Environment for Women Entrepreneurs. As part of the project, components include rigorous collection of quantitative and qualitative data, impact evaluation, focus group discussions, effective dissemination of information, and gap assessment and development of plans to improve capacity of key actors to enhance a sustainable ecosystem of support for women entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka.

The Communications Expert will deliver a proposal of a communications strategy and plan at the start of the contract. The consultant is expected to deliver communications products through at least 2 mediums.

The Communications Expert’s responsibilities will include

· Developing, implementing, and monitoring an advocacy and communication strategy, and associated products and activities with the objective of promoting awareness, understanding, and support for the grant project.

· Conduct an information and communications needs assessment, a communication strategy, communication tools including impact stories of qualitative and quantitative findings, developing,

· Maintain and enhance media and public relations

· Conduct monitoring and evaluation of the communication strategy.

Eligibility: This candidate must be a national of Sri Lanka.

This position is contingent on funding.


· At least a bachelor’s degree in media studies, communications, or social sciences

· At least 8 years of experience in developing and implementing communications strategies.

· Experience working with digital media software is required.

· Experience providing communications expertise on donor-funded grant project in Sri Lanka is an advantage.



How to apply:

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