Morocco: Junior Consultant

By DAI Global Organization: DAI Global
Country: Morocco
Closing date: 17 Oct 2018


TASHAROC is a two-year programme based in Tangier and is funded by the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office to support the Tangier-Tétouan-Al Hoceïma (TTAH) Regional Council (RC) in the regionalisation process.

As part of the programme, TASHAROC will provide capacity building and technical assistance across a range of areas in support of the RCl’s mandate. It is structured around the following three key areas: 1) strengthening the capacity of regional government bodies, primarily the TTAH RC; 2) providing support to the regionalisation process, particularly on implementation and monitoring of the Plan de Developpement Regional (PDR); and 3) convening opportunities for more effective dialogue and collaborative working between regional stakeholders (e.g. government institutions, civil society, media, private sector and citizens).

Scope of work

In order strengthen the team, TASHAROC seeks to hire a Junior Consultant to support the technical team as well as the HR and Admin team. The Consultant should have a high level in both English and French in order to draft/review documents in both languages. The Consultant will be responsible for delivering the following tasks:

· Translating technical and other documents from and to English/French/Arabic

· Collecting information from reports and documents relevant to the project

· Developing and organising files in SharePoint

· Updating the TASHAROC team schedule on a weekly basis

· Updating the TASHAROC workplan

· Preparing for meetings with experts, partners, etc

· Note-taking during events and drafting the meeting minutes

· Providing logistical support for experts

· Preparing the documentation for experts

· Desk research

· Follow up with suppliers and vendors

· Scanning and organising recruitment sheets

· Mapping of other current development programmes with the RC, such as CSSP and identifying areas of synergy

· Collecting information to update the Political Economy Analysis

· Supporting the coordination of programme activities

· Organising and updating the stakeholders’ database

· Developing PPT presentations and graphic design

· Developing a weekly press review

· Reviewing consultants’ deliverables


· Undergraduate Degree

· Excellent oral and written English and French

· Experience/knowledge of donor-funded projects

· Strong report writing skills

· Ability to build and maintain professional relationships with a diverse range of partners and suppliers

· Excellent communication, presentation and teamwork skills

· Solid organisational abilities

· Administrative experience in a busy professional setting

· Demonstrable knowledge and understanding of the complex dynamics of the Northern Region of Morocco

This assignment is based in Tangier.

The Junior Consultant will report to the Deputy Team Leader (DTL), with regular contact with different departments, as required. Drafts should be submitted to the DTL for review and feedback.

Please note that for this position, fluency in French and English is essential.

Golden Resources Solutions, sub-contractor of the TASHAROC programme will contract the selected candidate and will retain his/her services for an initial period of 45 days beginning on 29 October and ending on 31 December 2018.

How to apply:

Please follow this link to apply:

Read more here:: ReliefWeb