Philippines: Call for Applications: External evaluation (mid-term evaluation) of Philippines Programme

By Forum Civil Peace Service Organization: Forum Civil Peace Service
Country: Philippines
Closing date: 24 Oct 2018

Please find the full application and further information about the forumZFD Philippines at

The task

After operating in the Philippines for ten years and preparing the proposal for its next funding cycle, forumZFD Philippines seeks to evaluate its work through three of its “flagship” projects. The projects in question are central to the work of the respective project offices and represent some of the key approaches the organization uses.

forumZFD intends to work with a team of two evaluators, ideally one from the Philippines and one international. Evaluators are welcome to apply either as individuals and as teams. In case individual applicants are selected, they will be given time to develop their workplan and methodology in consultation with forumZFD. The evaluators will gauge the impact and outcome of the projects in question, contribute to organizational learning, and formulate strategy recommendations, that will support the further development of the forumZFD program in the Philippines.

Timeline (tentative)

18 November 2018: Finalise contract with selected evaluators

23 November 2018: Finalise the evaluation plan

December 2018 – February 2019: Field research, 3-4 weeka within the indicated period (one week per project and travel between project sites)

April 2019: Submission of final report

Objectives of Evaluation

The evaluation of the three key projects of the forumZFD program aims to assess their effectiveness and efficiency, relevance to peace-building needs, and relevance to forumZFD’s set goals for the current planning period:

  • Impact: Progress towards the projects outcomes or impact.
  • Effectiveness: The reasons behind the achievement (or not) of outcomes (e.g. if a project is not achieving outcomes, whether the problem rests in the theory of change, or with difficulties in implementation [including the institutional context], and whether these are leading to unintended [positive or negative] consequences). Whether the outcomes are ultimately contributing to the realization of the program’s vision or whether our outcomes are contributing to the achievement of the TLS.
  • Relevance: The extent to which the intervention is suited to the priorities and needs of the people and communities it is intended to benefit, with specific reference to the experiences and opinions of women and other marginalized groups.
  • Efficiency: The degree to which the financial resources of the projects have been used economically and efficiently.
  • Sustainability: Conditions and choices for exiting, scaling up, handover or other types of transitions.

For the evaluation, the following the objectives have been formulated:
General objectives:

  • To gauge the impact, outreach, and outcome of forumZFD program.
  • To contribute to organizational- and team learning.
  • To formulate strategic recommendations for the forumZFD Philippines program.

In particular:

  • Internal Alignment: Review the individual projects in light of forumZFD’s Philippines program as a whole.
  • Assumptions: Examine the validity of underlying assumptions in the project designs.
  • Beneficiaries: Give insight on the change of identified beneficiaries of the projects.
  • Project learnings: Determine the challenges, lessons learned and best practices of the projects.
  • The end result: Render a full evaluation of project outputs, outcomes and effectiveness.
  • Sustainability: Provide recommendations for sustainability and needed follow-up in next phases of the projects.


The evaluators will propose their exact methodology, which will be finalized upon consultation with forumZFD. It will have to be appropriate to the objectives laid out earlier, while the final evaluation will need to be compatible with the OECD-DAC criteria. The evaluators are expected to use interactive and systemic methodologies as much as possible. The evaluation approach should be inclusive of all stakeholders, participatory, culturally- and gender-sensitive.

Among others, the following methodologies can be considered:

  • Collecting secondary data and provided analysis thereof;
  • Conduct individual interviews (structured/semi-structured) with key informants, partners, beneficiaries;
  • Collective data analysis-and data collection methods, e.g. world café, workshops with relevant stakeholders (project partners, former forumZFD staff, teachers and students), and focus group discussions;
  • Surveys;
  • Appreciative inquiry;
  • Validation meeting with relevant stakeholders at the end of the field research phase.


The following is expected from the evaluators:

  • Provide an evaluation proposal together with the application that contains the the following methodological topics as a minimum:
  • the evaluator’s understanding of the evaluation questions, fine-tuned objectives of the evaluation;
  • description of the phases related to the evaluation methodology proposed and rough timeline;
  • instruments to be used for data collection;
  • different types of data analysis that will be carried out;
  • Produce the draft report as agreed upon with forumZFD.
  • Arrange interviews and workshops with relevant stakeholders, with the assistance of forumZFD Philippines.
  • Regularly consult and update forumZFD about the process of the evaluation.
  • Produce an evaluation report, covering the agreed upon objectives, with the set deadline.
  • To make, as appropriate, recommendations to forumZFD on various aspects of its programming in light of the findings of the evaluation, including but not limited to program structure and project foci.

forumZFD will provide the following:

  • Evaluation management (Venus Betita & Balazs Kovacs).
  • Provide input for the initial evaluation proposal.
  • Give access to relevant project documentation.
  • Supply the contact details of stakeholders to be contacted for the evaluation.
  • Support the organization of validation meetings.
  • Reimbursements, upon receipt and prior approval, of travel costs in the framework of the evaluation, on the basis of the Federal Travel Costs Law of the German government (Bundesreisekostengesetz).
  • Provide input and feedback during the execution phase of the evaluation.


Applicants are requested to submit a detailed budget.

How to apply:

Please send your applications by 24 October 2018 to Ms Venus Betita (

Interested candidates are requested to send in the following documents:

  • motivation letter;
  • resume;
  • 2-3 page document describing your approach to this assignment, suggested methodology and indicating your requested remuneration (evaluation proposal);
  • 3 relevant samples of previous assignments, including contact details of the clients.

For clarifications on the task and the process applicants are welcome to contact the PM&E Coordinator of forumZFD Philippines, Ms Venus Betita (

We are looking forward to your application!

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