Sri Lanka: CONSULTANT (Regional Labour Migration): Development of a business plan for the Overseas Employment Service Providers – Alliance of Asian Association

By International Organization for Migration Organization: International Organization for Migration
Country: Sri Lanka
Closing date: 21 Oct 2018

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) Sri Lanka is seeking proposals from qualified consultants for developing a business plan for the Overseas Employment Service Providers – Alliance of Asian Association (OESPAAA).

1. Background

IOM Sri Lanka is implementing a four-year regional project, entitled “Strengthening Labour Migration Governance through Regional Cooperation in Colombo Process countries”, with funding support from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). As one of its outcomes, the project aims to contribute to increased adherence to global ethical recruitment standards and practices by governments and recruitment intermediaries among the Member States of the Colombo Process[1], and within this framework, IOM carries out activities to support further development of the work of OESPAAA in creating an industry-led support for ethical recruitment.

OESPAAA is a network of recruitment agency associations, which consists of representation from twelve Colombo Process countries, namely Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Viet Nam. With support from IOM, OESPAAA was formed in April 2008 through the adoption of a Commitment to Action on Ethical Recruitment. Since its inception, OESPAAA has sustained its commitment to ethical recruitment and worked towards a more structured alliance with a shared action plan and regularity of meetings through technical and financial assistance from IOM.

At its Fourth Regional Conference in March 2016, the OESPAAA Members discussed and reached a consensus to work towards becoming a self-sustaining industry organization including mobilization of own resources. OESPAAA organizational matters were further deliberated at the Fifth Regional Conference in February 2018. At the meeting, the participating Members unanimously voiced their support for the continuity of OESPAAA given its great potential as a unique platform for recruitment industry leaders from the Colombo Process countries to jointly address common challenges and raise collective voice at regional and international fora. At the meeting, the Members also mutually acknowledged that OESPAAA’s governance structure and values for the Members need to be clarified so as to achieve the self-sustainability of the alliance.

As a way forward, the Members agreed to develop a business plan for OESPAAA with a view to clarifying the governance structure of OESPAAA including the decision-making process. To move forward with this activity, a working group was formed with three OESPAAA members, respectively from Bangladesh, India and the Philippines, to lead the activity from the OESPAAA side including the implementation of a business plan in line with their resolution to work towards a self-sustaining industry organization.

IOM Sri Lanka through its Regional Labour Migration Unit will support the implementation of this activity within the framework of the aforementioned regional project.

2. Purpose of the Consultancy

The primary purpose of this consultancy is to develop a business plan for OESPAAA with a view to supporting OESPAAA to clarify its governance structure and operational procedures as the fundamental cornerstone of their resolutions to become a self-sustaining industry organization. The primary users of the business plan are current and future OESPAAA members. The Business Plan shall cover the following items:

Ÿ Chairmanship: Terms of Reference (ToR) for the Chair, decision-making process on selecting the Chair, tenure and re-election;

Ÿ TROIKA: ToR for TROIKA, selection of the TROIKA members in the absence of next Chair;

Ÿ Members: criteria for membership, selection process, defined responsibilities of members, awards and sanctions;

Ÿ Observers: criteria for becoming observers, approval process;

Ÿ Secretariat: possible structure and role of a dedicated permanent Secretariat, location, estimated costs and contributions required from the Members;

Ÿ Registration: possible options for OESPAAA to obtain a legal entity, its advantages and disadvantages;

Ÿ Membership fees: possible modalities and management of funds;

Ÿ Benefits of membership: clarity on benefits and values of being an OESPAAA member;

Ÿ Meetings: frequency and rules of regional and other OESPAAA meetings; and,

Ÿ Visibility and branding: development and maintenance of an OESPAAA website; other publicity materials.

3. Scope of the Consultancy Work

The consultant of this assignment shall undertake the following activities:

· Develop a work plan including the methodology and timeline for the development of a business plan for OESPAAA;

· Prepare a proposed structure of the business plan, based on the review of existing OESPAAA documents as well as good practices from relevant regional and global industry associations;

· Collect primary information from OESPAAA members to complement the desk research as deemed necessary;

· Prepare a first draft of the business plan based on the desk research and the primary information;

· Prepare a revised draft of the business plan, fully reflecting feedback from the working group and other OESPAAA members; and,

· Finalize a business plan, based on an online validation consultation with OESPAAA members.

The consultant shall take into account the following points when developing a business plan:

· Building on the Interim Guidelines for Operating Modalities of OESPAAA;

· Taking into account the programmatic priorities of OESPAAA;

· Carefully studying OESPAAA Regional Conference reports, especially the Fifth Regional Conference report; and,

· Drawing on good practices from other existing regional and global networks / alliances of employment, manpower and recruitment companies.

The consultant is required to hold online consultations with the OESPAAA working group and IOM Sri Lanka on a periodic basis to keep them updated on the progress and receive feedback on the deliverables. The consultant is also required to hold a validation consultation with all OESPAAA Members as an integral step to finalize the business plan.

4. The Key Deliverables and Timeline

The activity shall be completed within the timeline of six (6) months with approximately 35 working days. The consultant is expected to deliver the following key deliverables (in bold) in close consultation and coordination with the Regional Labour Migration Unit of IOM Sri Lanka. The consultancy work shall commence no later than the Thursday of 1 November 2018.

7 November 2018

Submission of a work plan including the methodology and timeline

2nd or 3rd week of November 2018

First online consultation with the working group to discuss the work plan

7 December 2018

Submission of a proposed structure of business plan based on the desk research and primary information

2nd or 3rd week of December 2018

Second online consultation with the working group to discuss the proposed structure

10 January 2019

Submission of the first draft of business plan

3rd or 4th week of January 2019

Third online consultation with the working group to discuss the first draft and circulation of the draft to all OESPAAA Members

8 February 2019

Submission of a revised draft of business plan

3rd or 4th week of February 2019

Online validation consultation with all OESPAAA Members to discuss the revised business plan

15 March 2019

Submission of the finalized business plan

5. Qualifications and expertise required

The Consultant shall have the following qualifications and expertise:

Ÿ Relevant university degree in business administration, business management, organizational development, or related field.

Ÿ At least 7 years’ experience in providing business consultancy for private companies, business associations or multinational organizations with a view to strengthening their organizational structures. Experience of undertaking the similar assignments is an advantage.

Ÿ Demonstrable expertise in recruitment business for overseas employment and strong understanding of ethical recruitment principles. Work experience in these subjects in a country of origin in relation to overseas employment of low and semi-skilled workers, preferably in Asia, is an advantage.

Ÿ Work experience and in-depth knowledge of labour migration in West, South and South-East Asia.

6. Competencies required

The Consultant shall have the following competencies:

Ÿ Strong thematic knowledge and ability to offer concrete options/ ideas to address and meet clients’ needs. Ability to deliver quality products consistently throughout the consultancy duration.

Ÿ Demonstrated ability to analyze complex issues by taking into account the situations of multiple countries, synthesize the analyses and reflecting feedback from multiple stakeholders to produce a business plan.

Ÿ Excellent command of English both orally and in writing.

Ÿ Excellent organizational skills and punctuality of the submission of the deliverables.

Ÿ Excellent coordination and communication skills and readiness to keep clients updated and consulted on the progress and challenges encountered.

Ÿ Demonstrated ability to effectively interface with stakeholders to collate information.

Ÿ Flexible to accommodate certain changes to the timeline and methodology and responsive to changes as part of the review and feedback process.

[1] The Colombo Process is a Regional Consultative Process on the management of overseas employment and contractual labour for countries of origin in Asia (

How to apply:

7. Method of application:

Candidates with the required qualifications and competencies are invited to submit their proposals to the Human Resource Unit of IOM Sri Lanka at (email address:, together with the following documents as integral part of their proposals:

(1) Cover letter

(2) Curriculum Vitae (shall not exceed 4 pages).

(3) Technical and Financial Proposal, demonstrating the understanding of subject matters and outlining the proposed methodology, timeline and budget (shall not exceed 8 pages in total).

(4) Documents that demonstrate the candidate’s business consultancy capacity or sample documents of similar assignments undertaken by the candidate previously.

All documents shall be single spaced, 12 point Times New Roman and in English. Should candidates have any queries or request for clarification on any part of the ToR, please contact IOM Sri Lanka at the above email address with a query on or before the Saturday of 13 October 2018. The last date of application is the Sunday of 21 October 2018. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.