Sri Lanka: Geographic Information System (GIS) & Data Management Analyst

By UNOPS Organization: UNOPS
Country: Sri Lanka
Closing date: 15 Oct 2018

UNOPS office in Sri Lanka provides technical, operational and administrative support to 4 countries in the South Asia region: Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. UNOPS work in this region focuses on the construction and operation of high-quality sustainable infrastructure, sustainable procurement, project management for host governments, development partners and UN agencies.

UNOPS’ work in Sri Lanka focuses on the construction and operation of high-quality sustainable infrastructure and sustainable procurement, project management, timely provision of services, and the use of most relevant technologies. Such projects provide social and economic benefits to vulnerable populations across the country and contribute to poverty eradication. This includes construction of schools, hospitals, water networks, urban sewerage and drainage facilities, harbors and anchorages, waste management facilities, climate change mitigation, as well as a range of “soft” support in Capacity Building, operations and maintenance of public assets, local governance, etc.Under its broader reconciliation and transitional justice agenda, the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) through the Ministry of National Integration and Reconciliation intends to construct permanent housing units for conflict affected and displaced people of the Northern and Eastern Provinces. Given the urgent need for housing in order to facilitate the return and resettlement of conflict-affected families, this project is a crucial step towards national reconciliation.

Within the context of the Government’s commitment towards reconciliation and sustainable development for the populations in the Northern and the Eastern parts of the country, the objective of the project is to design and construct 25,000 housing units. The project led by United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) and United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) will bridge recent relief activities implemented by GoSL and other humanitarian partners with a long-term development focus anchored in the concept of self-reliance and resilience.

UNOPS is entrusted to implement the project for construction of 17,000 permanent houses for conflict affected displaced families in the Northern & Eastern province in Sri Lanka by GoSL. It is agreed to implement this project in five districts namely Jaffna, Kilinochchi, Mullaithivu, Trincomalee & Batticaloa.

Under the guidance and supervision of the Senior Program Manager (SPM), the GIS & Data Management Analyst will provide support in information management system/database design and GIS interface for UNOPS and supports the development and deployment of Field Sight, a remote supervision application, in coordination with the Nepal Hub.

GIS and Data Management

  1. Liaise and follow-up with the service provider to ensure the design of the required information management system is functional for the coordination of 17,000 Houses (specifically to support the monitoring of the construction of 5,500 houses allotted to UNOPS).
  2. Provide technical input in managing the established information management system during the course of the project
  3. Collect all relevant information to support the management of the daily operation of the GIS and Data Management project office.
  4. Tracking UNOPS delivery, identifying potential problems and notify the service provider for remedial action.
  5. Assist with input for the Initial and Final reports on the implementation and lessons learned with recommendations.
  6. Travel throughout the implementation region as required upon missions / activities and provide assistance where necessary.
  7. Compile, draft and distribute regular progress reports for the SPM/CD
  8. Other tasks assigned by the SPM.

FieldSight is a technological platform developed by UNOPS as part of the Nepal Innovation Lab that enables supervision and quality assurance for remote project sites. FieldSight helps personnel in the field monitor project sites using mobile technology, and helps project managers review projects, analyze data, and make adjustments in real time.

Through the delivery of educational guides, the creation and deployment of customized field assessments, and the ability to provide targeted feedback to specific sites and issues, FieldSight facilitates ongoing engagement between central offices and field sites, enabling monitoring, quality assurance, coaching, and capacity building. Serving as a central repository for data from multiple sites and projects, FieldSight also helps organizations to review progress across projects, regions, and countries.

Targeted at organizations in the development and humanitarian sectors, FieldSight is an open- source platform that anyone can use to improve quality and project delivery.The incumbent will also be required to support in the following using Fieldsight:

1. Coordinate with and support teams using FieldSight:
a. Supports teams in all phases of using FieldSight, including device configuring, using, and monitoring the system.
b. Maintain regular communication with teams.
c. Track engagement and communication with existing and potential teams.
d. Respond to team needs and asks as needed.

2. Configure and manage the FieldSight system on behalf of teams:
a. Facilitate training to the team on the supervision regime that includes the assessments, forms, and education materials needed to supervise or monitor a project.
b. Work with Fieldsight team to configure FieldSight based on the supervision procedure.
c. Adjust and update FieldSight for teams as necessary based on feedback from the field.

3. Support Fieldsight team in the trainings to Fieldsight users
a. Maintain, and update a set of training materials as required to support staff at all levels to use the different features and functionalities of FieldSight in collaboration with the team.
b. Assist to deliver training sessions to teams in central offices and in the field.

4. Use FieldSight to analyze project data and to generate reports:
a. Collaborate with the team to work in the FieldSight platform to analyze project progress on behalf of teams and clients.
b. Generate reports on progress and status of sites for the Project Manager, Project Coordinator, donors, and other key stakeholders.
c. Identify issues or challenges that are emerging from the field submissions collected in the platform and notify them to the service provider accordingly.
d. Work with FieldSight data in other applications, including GIS and MS Excel, to identify in-depth analysis.

5. Monitor the implementation of FieldSight and report on progress and outcomes:
a. Collect feedback on the use and implementation of FieldSight from clients, teams, and other FieldSight partners.
b. Collate and report on key issues, challenges, and bugs associated with FieldSight.
c. Communicate to software developers about bugs and other issues.
d. Maintain a list of potential features that need to be added or changed.
e. Meet with and report to the SPM (and Country Director) as required.

6. Supply Chain Monitoring:
a. Digitize the RIR form and collect information whenever materials are delivered in the field.
b. Draft a similar form at the supplier level to support the tracking mechanism.

How to apply:

The post is open to Sri Lankan nationals only.

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